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    Good Morning,  Its a rainy start to this day we have 57* not going much higher only to 64*, that’s alright just one day in the 60’s.

    Short and sweet as I have something I have to do, while its not rainy,


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    Good Morning Carol and all to follow,  It is 50* and the sun is trying to break out.  Only going to get to 60 this afternoon.  I have a long sleeve shirt on but when I finish this I’ll be getting into long pants too.  I’ll be in the house today again.  I went out yesterday and picked 2 quarts of Raspberries.  When I came in I could hear water sloshing in my chest. Not sure what it was, maybe too much coffee but I took it easy anyway.  Feeling better today so all is good.  Things around the house are a little better since the 2 cats are not looking for their buddy as much.  Just around nap time is the only time they make their rounds of the old haunts.  I got his grave marker finished and ready to put out.  Today I’m cleaning the front rooms and maybe my bedroom.  I guess I spoke too soon about the sun.  It has suddenly become very dark and looks like it could rain any second.  

    Carol, I think the plant you were talking about is a Mandevilla.  I noticed they had some at the farm store for $4. the other day.  It was hard to resist but another plant is all I need.  Our gas is going down too but it is still 3.49 here.  

    Dena, I hope you got home OK and all is well with you.  

    Mary, babies sure grow fast. Seems like just yesterday you were waiting for her to arrive.  I thought of you yesterday when I got my statement from my Doctor visit.  On top of all the tests there was an office call for 640.00 and a health consultation for 180.00.  I’m thinking it is a bit high for 20 minutes of listening to me.  I understand why they want me to come in twice a year now.  No wonder why insurance is so high now days.    

    Jan, what have you been up to?  enjoying your new washer?  

    Sandy, I can’t help but wonder what’s going on.  If you are still sick I hope you have seen a doctor.  Let us know.

    Snow, What have you been doing?  How’s the garden doing with these cool temps or aren’t you getting the same weathr?  

    Leroy, Alma, and everyone else, Have a good day.  Lair

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    It is a good day. Much to do – but I fixed a machine and taught her how to oil and do some of the simple stitches.

    Then to chio and rested here during lunch.

    Have to sort out 2 weeks of pills and then go down to pharmacy to get some refills. Then get some ant bait for inside and an extra phone hook up.

    Have a good rest of the week! Alma

    <*)~// Tealbird

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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