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    Good Morning Friends.  Well the car is nearly packed and yes i agree with you Kathy the less i pack the better but this time it is like moving house i am even taking my printer with me but i am able to put most of it under my bed so it dose not show much. i hope to finish packing today and get the car serviced ready to go. nice to see you back
    Maxine.  Better get on so have a great day all.  Stewart.

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    Sherry N
    Sherry N

    Good morning Stewart and all who follow.  It is a rainy, dreary day here.  Very humid and uncomfortable.  I hate this weather.  I am sorry but I would rather have the winter back than this insufferable heat.

    Just found out yesterday DS Jim is off to Kitimat, British Columbia on Monday.  He has never been out there so should be interesting.  I know he doesnt have time to sight see but he has to get back and forth to work.  He said it was up in the mountains.  I havent looked it up yet but I will.  Would love to see those.

    Of course DS Mike is off to Wawa, On to do some fishing.  He leaves Fri.  Everybody is going somewhere but me.  LOL Oh well.

    Thats about it from here.  Not much else going on.  Hope you all have a great day.  Stay safe

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    Morning all. Went to bed early and didn’t get up till 5 !  The office is entirely empty except for one disgruntled cat (Marilyn) who’s now lost another favorite sleeping place. Haven’t ripped the carpet up yet but will today once I get limbered up for the day. Is still sprinkling rain so will have at least the whole morning to rip carpet, get out those dangerous carpet tacks, sweep the mess and begin scraping and such.

    Got the computer and phone working without a hitch in it’s new place. Will take some getting used to. I’ve had to turn on lights or carry a flashlight when I’m up after dark anyway lately since the whole house has been changed up. Am so proud of myself. This is the first time I’ve set up a computer system all by myself in about 16 years and everything is working!

    Fred, KB is right about the Benadryl, it works for all kinds of things besides just allergies. That’s the only ‘sleeping pill’ I can take when needed without getting up feeling drugged. It will relax those angry muscles that love to punish you in the night.

    Sherry, I’d love to come install your screen doors. That’s something I can do pretty well. It isn’t all that hard but I’d need you to hold the other end up for me. So much easier with 2 people.

    Stewart, sounds as if you’re about ready for another working adventure. Do you have a trailer to bring your Renault back home with?

    Maxine, so glad Ted came through well. Soon you’ll be wearing out those knees in the gardens again.

    Still cloudy out and dripping sprinkles but it’s nice and cool so far. Sun never came out yesterday and it stayed cool all day long which was very good since I got hot under the collar (and everywhere else too) several times wrestling stuff around. Daylight is beginning so I’d better get cracking (literally) to limber up enough to crawl around on hands and knees today. The cracking noise from bones and joints woke up the dogs first thing this morning when I hobbled out of bed…

    Steep, how’s your brother doing?

    Hoping it’s a good day for everyone with nothing but good things happening.



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    have fun

    hope to day is dry




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    Good morning. Looks like we are back to high 90s today. Had to come back to reality sometime, I suppose. LOL
    Hurt my back yesterday trying to move a big, wooden folding table yesterday. It slipped and trapped my foot under the edge, which threw me over the top of it when it fell over. I felt it pull when I was going down and sure enough, no more bending over for me for a few days. Lucky the neighbor’s little grandson was over here. Bless his heart, he tried to lift the table and couldn’t so he ran to get them to help me. Thank goodness it’s better this a.m. Pretty sure it would have made a good entry for AFV. LOL

    Stewart, leave a little room for other things you want to bring on return. 😉

    Sherry, my friends from WA. refuse to come visit me during our summer. They are miserable when it is in the 80s here. PS: maybe you could plan a fun day trip with a friend. That’ll show those boys mom is a fun girl, too. Hehehe

    Brenda, woohoo on mastering all of those cords and connections! Bless your heart that you are finally about to push through the finish line tape!

    Dave, I hope you have a few dry days so you can get in your hay crop.

    Alberta, good to see you back. Sounds like things are going well and getting back on track.

    Better get off and do whatever house work my back allows while the day is relatively new. Have a wonderful day, ALL! KB

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    Morning all.   Cloudy and muggy.

    Rainy off and on yesterday,  looks to be the same today.

    Groceries yesterday, some laundry today.

    Kathy hope your back gets better.  Take things easy.

    Well better move on.

    Have a good one.

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    Good afternoon, Stewart-have fun and meet some interesting people,dip a toe in the sea if near for me. Sherry- can’t you go some where for the day and enjoy yourself? Brenda-I have a daughter that cracks her knuckles,is that good? Kbrat-we women have to do things ourselves, or they might not done! seems like most of us have a rainy day, heavy rain this morning,68-79* today so might clear up and go for a walk later on, everyone have a nice day. Mary in Ky 12.08pm

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    Good afternoon.  I know I’ve been AWOL this week.  Good reasons too.

    Brenda – thanks for asking about my brother, Steve.  He is in CCU in AZ hospital.  Kidney on his right side sustained major damage and he had internal bleeding.  Had to have blood transfusions. They are hoping the kidney will heal but if not he will lose it to surgery.  Has a fracture in his jaw on the right and stitches in his chin.  On a liquid diet just starting today.  Pain meds gave him a rough night last night.

    I’ve been scrambling to make arrangements for things he was handling for our trip like cell phone and train tickets and the apartment.  I think everything worked out now.  Company who put together the walking tour part hopes that some of the hotels will refund Steve’s portion or give him partial credits.  He didn’t have travel insurance.

    Enjoying time with Emily, Matt and Annabelle.  Emily, Annabelle and I go to Toys R Us this afternoon.  There’s isn’t one close to where they live and Emily wants to get some things.

    Maxine – didn’t read back but I assume Ted had his eyes done.  Hope all is going well.

    Kathy – what a fall for you.  Hope there’s no lasting damage to your back.

    Stewart – you are packed and ready to go.  I guess we’ll be in England at the same time but not in the same area.

    Battery low on computer.  Got to sign off.

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    Yes Marcia Ted had the other eye done yesterday and this morning we went to have the dressing removed……..everything looks good…….glad that is all over. We have to go for a checkup in two weeks, and then in eight weeks for an eye test for new glasses.

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    Going to be 75º today, 84º tomorrow, and then back into the 60’s for a couple day.

    A little slow this morning as yesterday became a ‘tail dragger’ for me.  Young fellow stained the roof of 2 outside bird pens and applied the flat black paint to a section of the wire panels around the garden.  We installed 8 grog pavers in the grass in an area near the gnome village.  Managed to get the new wire screen attached to the metal frame for the quail growing pen and that project is now complete.  Pruned and weeded for several hours.  Removed the sprinkler setup I had mounted against the house foundation as no longer needed.  Sprinkler guy was out to fine tune some of the zones and install a couple higher volume heads.  Told him I was raised on a farm and when the sprinklers are running, I need to see water, not these sissy little sprayers.  lol.  Mostly concerned that I will need more water during  a cycle when it gets hot.  He will be back tomorrow to finish painting the fencing and I think I will have him clean up the runners on the raspberries.  The Garden Club is coming Tuesday.  Being gone this weekend, I need to start hustling to clean house and start tidying up outside.

    Headed for town in a few minutes.  Have to return some chicken feed that is supposed to be pellets but is ½ crumbles and fines.  Need Rose systemic, groceries, etc.

    Kathy and Brenda, I have never taken Benadryl for any purpose.  For leg cramps, do you take it when going to bed in anticipation of the muscle cramps or when and if the first one hits?  Does it come in different strengths?  Kathy, sure hope your back isn’t too bad.  I worry about mine when moving rocks and yard art around.

    Need to check the baby birds in the brooders and then hit the road.  Take care,

    Fred in Western Montana

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