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    ………… “ The Potting Shed ”
    .……Saturday, 17 May 2014 .. 12:10 PM

    …Good Morning All.

    Just to open I have had some unexpected friends to visit  just as I was starting to open beautiful day see you later. Stewart.

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    Good morning, Stewart.  Beautiful day here with bright sun moderate temperatures.  Nice change from the rains yesterday morning.

    Having friends for brunch at 10 today.  Everything is ready that I can do as of now.  I’ll have to start the rest of the prep at 9.

    In case I forget on Monday, Happy Birthday wishes to Denise for the 19th!  She’s the only May birthday I have on the list.

    Sarah is visiting.  Arrived home last night. She said she got all As in her courses!  Her new internship is really good and she’s hopeful it will translate into a job.  Also it’s official: she and William are engaged!  No wedding plans yet.

    Just heard the washer stop. I put in a load of her towels.  Must get them in the drier.

    Have a good one folks.

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    Morning all. Running a little late today for no reason since I got up early. Guess I’ve been lollygagging again.

    Snow, did they happen to mention if the mass is inside or outside the chest wall? If it’s outside the chest wall would be easy enuf to do a simply biopsy just to know what it is. If it’s inside the chest wall a biopsy is still possible but more difficult. Is she having difficulty breathing?

    Fred, I’ve found the very best way to find a lost hand tool is to buy a new one. The lost one will show up moments afterward, always, but rarely till it’s too late to return the new one….lol.

    Kathy, wish I had neighbors like you have. Closest thing is Mike who has his shop across the road but doesn’t live there. All the others are pretty useless, noisy and basically unfriendly.

    Got the cracks filled in the cement yesterday and leveled. Monday morning I turn the mess over to Mike the wizard to lay the tile itself. Then I can move back in, sleep in my own bed again and start on the next room. Will have only 3 to go! Might get done before August after all which means I can start painting when it’s too hot outside. Will start with those 2 dark green bathrooms that have driven me nuts since I got here. Then something easy like the hallway. Oh well, must be patient and that is NOT one of my virtues.

    Must get to Walmart to get furniture sliders before the crowd hits. Seems I forgot those yesterday…tho’ they were on the list. Being in a hurry never helps anything.

    Hope it’s a great day for all. Hope to get back on later today during a break.



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    Good morning. Starting out just gorgeous out. Hope it stays that way as today is big BBQ at my sister’s to thank all of the caring people who have pitched in help while BIL was going thru stemcell transplant. Already feeling sooo tired from helping yesterday, but rest will have to come another day. LOL
    Stewart, have fun with your friends!
    Dave, I am in north central Texas and really close to the Okla. line.
    Brenda, don’t know how I’d make it without my neighbors, so I try to be there for them any time they need me.
    Marcia, looks like your day will be a busy one, too.
    Snow, how good to see you pop in!
    I’ve got to get off here and hit the pre-party trail! Have a great day, ALL! KB

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    Good morning, Stewart enjoy time with friends,nice surprise for you. Brenda-I was in Walmart getting  copies of holiday  photos and forgot my prescriptions! so have to get them today.Steep- congratulations to Sarah getting all A’s. Kbrat- enjoy the BBQ today, it’s sunny 45-64* today, will be going out with Gillian before long. everyone have a nice day. Mary in KY .8.59am

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    Morning all it is very cold again this morning I know it was 30 when I got up and was suppose to dip some so everything outside got hit again.   Oh well I guess the garden wasn’t suppose to be and it even go t some of the pansies that were planted in a pot to the north of the house.   The peonies buds were drooping way over yesterday and if they got it again I will be real anxious to see if they abort there blooms are if they do bloom this year.   My red oak in the back yard hasn’t even started to try to leaf out I hope it is alive and not dead.   It would be a mess to try to get out of where it is at.   I know I lost another spruce due to the drought lost all it needles from the bottom to 8 foot up and there are not new candles coming on it so will be cutting it off.   I don’t know which is worse the extreme cold or drought that we are experiencing.   I am so ready for some time off will do that this weekend for I am not going into work at all just drained from the weeks events.   Next weekend I have to work but DH wants to get the camper out and go to the camp ground I said go ahead and go and I will be there after I am done watering if the dog is doing ok or she is going along with us.   So sad also lost a tree peony I had by the back door for over 15 years is was a beautiful one not a stitch of life in it the cold must of got it for I did keep it watered last year.   Tess is much better today also the meds must be working she still isn’t eating alot but as longs as she eats something I will be happy.  Brenda they said it is on the chest wall and not a place to to a bio.   Breathing not really to bad she does get winded though if she tries to run.

    Stewart   Nice to help your neighbors out and get a reward in return.   So how have you been getting ready for England?   Are you feeling good?   Did you save the plants you want to keep for the garden when you get back or did you give up on it?   I thinking gardening will be the last thing on my plate this year.   To much to do on everything else.

    Brenda Wow you are getting all the rooms done?  Are you using the same tile in all the rooms are mix matching them up.   I love the tile in my porch and utility room.   I also love the laminate and wood floors we laid in the rest of the house.   There is only 2 rooms of carpet anymore in this house and one day they will be gone also.   With the dogs it is so much easier to take care of.   So those elephant ears are coming back to haunt you?  LOL    Glad the blue star are doing good mine are coming up also  don’t know if they will bloom now with all the cold freezing temps we had.  Thanks for the prayers you said for me and my fur baby Tess, I really apppreciated it and the nice email you sent.

    Tigsy   Snow I don’t know what is worst snow or the temps in the 20’s again.  Froze everything in sight but I see all the helicopter seed things on the trees are falling off a  high rate of speed.   So are you going to see your kids soon?    How is retirement going?   Are you off for the summer yet?   Are you proofing anything now?

    Robbie   Are you camping this next weekend?   I bet you are getting excited for that time I sure am need a vacation soon.

    Steep I hope you have a fun day with Sarah and friends coming from brunch.  Congratulations to Sarah on the engagment.

    Denise Have you been 4 wheeling yet?   Are you going to go on Memorial day?   We have been really cold here also.

    Dave I pray that your wife has a speedy recovery from her new hip and no problems.    Did you ever post the pictures of the tractors you saw, did I miss that you could email them to me I would love to see them.   They are having a tractor drive the middle of June here and DH wants me to go on it with him we will see I know it would be fun.   How is the garden coming?   It would of froze here

    Kathy I hope you have a good time at the barbecue.  How is your brother in law doing?   Prayers for him for a speedy recovery also.   You are so hot and dry and we are cold and dry right now but I bet in June we will be hot and dry also.   Any wildfires close to you or have you been lucky on that  problem.    Do you have enough grass for the herd of bulls?   How is your garden doing or did it fry up? So what kind of job did you do the other day?

    Fred You are always so busy with everything you do you will be ready for that vacation when the time comes when do you go again?    It will be nice to have a good well that works now though.   We are sticking in a new waterline at the rental property for it has a leak in it so we can finally get it going and rented out.   Did the iris Fontenalle make it for you mine did through the winter but I lost about 12 other clumps of ones and about 15 day lily clumps mostly tetrapoid ones and doubles they aren’t as hardy for sure.   I will have to redo my pond it has a leak someplace in it so will redo it maybe when the bird was init it tore something in there.   Oh well need to redo the waterlilies anyway but will wait till it warms up way to cold now.

    Mary   Did you have a nice trip?    Did you take lots of pictures to share?   How is the birdie doing?


    Well I have to get going and get something done.  Everyone have a great day and May God Bless You all.



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    Good morning, friends! At last, a day that looks like spring! Sunny, the birds singing, and we might hit 60*! I got the rest of my garden fence up, then went to my friend’s church to decorate for their ladies’ luncheon today. Quite a big deal — about 35 tables of 8, each decorated in a different theme chosen by the ladies who will occupy that table. We get about an hour at first to wander around and see the different tables/decorations. Our table is movie-themed, which was fun to put together. A few film reels, popcorn, sparkly stars and pictures of movie stars on the chair backs.

    Steep, as I write, your brunch is beginning! I’m sure it’ll go well. Oh, congrats to Sarah for the straight-A record! Good for her!

    Brenda, you’re right about finding a lost item — just buy a new one. Works every time! You sure are busy.

    KB, I agree, good neighbors are wonderful! Hope the party is great.

    Mary, where do you go to get your eye cleaned out? Sounds like something I could use right now. Like you, my left one is blurry.

    Snow, I didn’t realize it was still winter there! How awful! I’ll bet you are totally drained. Wow, you’re sure losing plants — I bet the drought is the worse enemy. Our “white stuff” was nothing, as it wasn’t at freezing — melted shortly after it landed. So sorry about Tess — yeah, hard to know just what to do to help her. We will see our youngest over the Memorial Day weekend, as he’s coming up to do music for a wedding in the Chi. suburbs. But then he goes right back. The 2 Chi. boys might come out to see him, but DD in “Podunk” won’t come. I’ll be done for the summer as of Mem. Day. Strangely, the woman who called me to do the proofing jobs hasn’t called in months — I only did those 2 jobs, and nothing since. They are a pretty small company, but she seemed happy with my work. Whatever!

    Well, better go get ready — gotta be up at the church in an hour! Have a good Saturday, everyone!

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    I was expecting some puddles out in the roadway this morning, but not the case.  Around 10 last night, the rain really came down for a few minutes.  Official report was only .03″.

    Got the lawn mowed, set more pavers in the new area, and opened the fencing around the garden so I can get the little tractor in.  We are still messing with my mother’s estate that the rest of the family has put on ‘ignore’.  Lawyer says the court is getting a little upset probate hasn’t been finalized.  My sister finally said if I wanted her help getting financial records, I needed to help her ‘now’ as she will be going back to the lake at the end of next week.   So, I dropped everything to find info I have and to go into the attic to find records.  Called the Fish and Game to see why they are thinking of putting my egg laying quail into ‘Controlled’ status which would require permits to own and produce.  Out of the blue, they think old world quail now pose a health risk to the state’s wildlife.  They have no unique disease problems and are considered much more resistant to disease than most birds, and are usually kept indoors.  Permit would be $25 to have them or $100 to raise them.  Egg production might not be allowed because of the possibility they would be fertile and hatch.  I have a couple days to put together my thoughts to be submitted for the hearing and comment period.  Initial thoughts are going to require some ‘sanitation’ as I don’t deal with stupidity very well.  lol

    Mary, some nights I sleep well but most are interrupted with leg cramps 2 or 3 times.  Lately, it has mostly been in my right ankle and calf.  All I have to do is attempt to change positions or stretch and WAM!!

    Snow, the trip is in early December.  At this point, out of sight, out of mind.  Does your pond have a waterfall?  If so, there is a high probability that the leak is there.  Remind me, what is the iris Fortenalle?  Overall, the rest of my iris are looking pretty good though they have been ignored a lot.  Had hopes of cultivating them to loosen the soil and get some Osmocote and alfalfa pellets spread.

    Think I will take a quick run through at least 1 of the Farmer’s Markets this morning and buy some groceries for the weekend.  Need to get moving.  Take care,

    Fred in Western Montana

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    Brunch is done.  Dan is snoring.  Sarah is packing her clean laundry.  We got to talk by FaceTime with Emily & Matt & Annabelle.  I need a nap now too.


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