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    ………… “ The Potting Shed ”
    .……Monday, 4 August 2014 . 09:45 AM

    Good morning friends.  The weather is staying fair but not as warm as it should be for this time of year. I do not like this “getting old thing” had a good night at the pup again but I got news of another of our little group from the 80tys that had passed over making 3 out of the 7 and one that turned his interest to a member of the opposite  sex and has not been as involved with “folk” as he was for 2 or 3 years ago. Point is I am the oldest of the lot but I admit that I am taking a back seat and just enjoying the atmosphere of having the “Folk around me.
    We had a very good selection of instruments last night including a hurdy-gurdy. They are all very good as when we have a quite instrument playing the loud ones give way to it and enjoy the sound.
    Better post my typing has gone funny. Have a nice day all

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    Good morning.  Big storm last night.  We saw the lightning long before we heard thunder or had rain.  The night was flashing with light which was very strange.  We looked north and we could see it flashing in the clouds.  Later the rolls of thunder could be heard and then finally the pouring rain.

    Long list of chores today plus newsletters being delivered for collating.  Team coming tomorrow to help with that.  We had a break of a month since no newsletter in July.

    Tea is brewing.  Washer has stopped.  Best tend to that chore list.

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    Morning just checking in dr this morning will see what he has to say well.  Garden doing So so tomatoes are horrible for me this year .  Well shower and then off  have a great day everyone and May God Bless You


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    Sherry N
    Sherry N

    Good morning everyone.  A very humid and warm 70 allready this morning.

    Just a quick hello as my DDIL wants to go to Canal Days to check out all the vendors.  We usually go every year.

    I am glad you enjoyed my pics yesterday of the short cruise on Lake Erie.  Had a great time.

    Will check back in when I get back.  Take care and have a great day.  Stay safe.

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    Morning all. The rain forgot to come here again yesterday and not in the forecast for today so guess I’ll do a laundry when I get back from town. Must get the pickup inspected and a new license sticker plus stop at a grocery store, take the Dyson to the UPS substation and the PO for stamps. One large lopsided circle if I time it right. Be lots handier if things opened earlier….so I could get back home before it got hot. Oh well.

    Is very nice out right now but supposed to heat up like the dickens so after morning chores I’ll probably do housework.

    Nice pictures Sherry. I’ve only been on small sail boats and not many of them. Enjoyed the quiet of sailing.

    Tigsy, isn’t it funny how a Major Cleanup just doesn’t last for more than a couple of days?

    I see Mama hen has flown the coop again. Guess I’d better leash Mark and herd her back in although I’m tempted to just leave her out. We’ve been doing this 2ce a day now for a week? She can get back in if she really wanted to I think. I suppose if I had 7 ‘tweens’ I’d want to fly the coop too…lol, and run away.

    Better get moving and prepare to do the town stuff. Can’t show up in what I’m wearing now and still have some morning chores to do outside first.

    Stewart, it’s sad when folk you’ve loved go to heaven isn’t it? The older you get the more there are who leave you. Just know you’ll see them all again someday, hopefully a long time (earth’s time) from now.

    Oops, it’s 0730 and I need to leave in an hour.

    Hope everyone has a good productive day. Be safe. Dave, please let us know you got home ok.



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    Good morning Stewart, enjoy yourself,we never know what the next day will bring. I think I’m the oldest(74) that go to the pool! Marcia-do you use a teapot? i just use tea bags in a cup,much quicker.Janet is going to make copies of the Queens money for me. that was interesting, we had a time finding the date you you had on here.Snowwolf- sorry your garden isn’t growing good, daughter Jayne has an over abundance of veggies this year,will be going to visit saturday and bring some home. Sherry-have fun with your daughter. Brenda- Jayne has bought two baby peacocks,going Saturday where the town she lives in is having a animal fair etc, so will see lots of animals for sale but not buy any.!hello to others, have a nice day. Mary in sunny 69-79* Ky 10.21am

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    Morning all.  Almost lunch time.

    Laundry this morning.  Had to take of couple phone calls.  We are having a will done.  Yes I know better late than never.  Had to make couple of changes and corrections.  Should be ready for signing in a few days.  So glad this now done.

    Not sure what else is going on today.  Thinking we should buy some sweet corn from Amish farm and start cutting off for the freezer.  We put enough in the freezer last summer to last us all winter.  Yes think we should be doing that.

    Hamburgers on the grill ready.

    Have a great day.

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    Good afternoon, all. Spent the morning and half the afternoon so far cleaning and putting away. Finally have my gift-wrapping paper in an accessible, convenient place. Organized a bunch of DS#3’s junk. Still not done. And yes, Brenda, amazing how it can last for such a short time. That hen of yours is a little wacky, it seems, but maybe the chicks drove her that way.

    Marcia, we had a storm like that Sat. night — lightning flashing all over for at least an hour, no thunder, and no rain. Maybe it was the same storm, but you lucked out and got the rain!

    Snow, hope the Dr. was happy with your progress. I think this is not a good year for gardening in general.

    Sherry, hope you had fun at Canal Days. Stuff like that (with food booths!) is always fun.

    Stewart, glad you’re having fun just sitting and listening. Many have enjoyed your playing over the years, now it’s your turn to just sit and enjoy.

    Mary — I make tea in a cup too, heating the water in the microwave. Fewer things to wash! The animal fair sounds fun, but what is Jayne going to do with a pair of peacocks? They can squawk pretty loud!

    Robbie, you’re ahead of us — we need to do wills, but DH has never thought of it (and when I do mention it, he’ll not want to do it. Doesn’t like to think of stuff like that.) We’ve had about 2 weeks of sweet corn season, and we’ve had it only once. I just love it, DH is lukewarm.

    Well, back to cleaning and organizing. Never an end to it, I guess. Have a good evening, all.

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    Just got back from the lake a bit ago.  It was an action packed, fun weekend right up until almost midnight last night,  My father had taken a shower, just finished adjusting the thermostat, and finally headed to bed when he got his feet tangled together and went down on the floor hard.  Landed on his right hip.  He wasn’t showing much additional pain and we finally got him into bed.  Knew he needed to either go to the hospital then or this morning to have it checked out.  When he said he couldn’t move his right leg at all we decided to not wait and called for an ambulance.  X-rays showed that he hadn’t broken his hip but a cat scan revealed a fractured pelvis.  They put him into the hospital this morning for ‘observation’ and expect to see him for 3 days  Doesn’t meet Medicare criteria for admittance.  Surgery won’t help on his type of fracture regardless of age.  Told to expect at least 4-6 weeks for it to heal and will need assistance with everything.  Some suggested he might be able to come home with skilled assistance stopping by during the week.  My sister and I agree that initially he needs to be in a facility until he can get around and take care of most of his own life skills.  Guess I will know in a couple days what direction we are going.  Though trying to see if he can stand and possible walk a little with very limited pressure on that side was supposed to happen, the therapist was finally back around 4:30pm.  That will give us something definite to make decision from.  He has enough resources to carry this first part. Though on pain pills, he is alert and sassy with the nurses and aides and good answering their questions.  Being in the waiting room last night was stressful enough and then they brought in a lady whose tragedy was much worse.  He husband fell down the stairs in their house and had died from his injuries.  The info gradually came out and both my sister and I were taken back when it became clear that her life had changed forever.  I wished they had another place for us so she didn’t have to be among unaware strangers during these terrifying moments.  From what she was saying to the police officers, I suspect she and her husband right around 60 years old and had recently retired from teaching in Idaho and returned to Montana.  So, a great weekend with Friendship Force activities and friends visiting from our capital city took a very quick and nasty turn last night.  I will try to catch up on the earlier posts this weekend after I rest for a little while.  Had finally laid down at 3:30 this morning.


    Fred in Western Montana

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