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    Greetings!  Today is much cooler this morning and sun is shining.  A breeze and the high 73 degrees for today and the next few days.  That humidity has left so it is refreshing out there.  Just fed the birds and tossed some bread out for others so maybe those grackles were stay away from the tray feeder.  Yesterday I saw a woodpecker at front suet feeder and that is a first in a long time.  Maybe the birds will come around more now with the cooler days we are to have.  Heat affects them, too, and they stay where it is cool and shady in the trees I think.

    Hi to MaryinKy, MargeinMi, Octgal, Mmarnee, Missylynne, JC, SHinson, Hopscotch, Resa, Birdbug, CatsBirds and any others I forgot.  Hope you can drop in and say hello and what is going on at your place.

    It was in low 50’s overnight so it cooled off fast around supper time last night.  So hope it stays that way for a few days as is forecast.  

    I have more laundry to do today and some vacuuming, too.  Will cook a meal for supper as long as it is staying cooler now.  Last night we had Subway stuff for supper.  We tend to eat lighter and order out more when the heat is high and it is muggy. 

    Going to warm up my coffee and then browse the boards a bit before I get going around here.

    Will stop in later to see who has stopped in to chat a bit.

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    Good morning Posy, a nice sunny breezy 70* up to 80*today, got windy last evening but didn’t get the storm predicted. so watered the plants this morning. wash day here too. using leftover veggies for lunch, hello to others, Mary in KY 10.57am

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    Back again after being outside for a few minutes to tie up my terracotta yarrow that is so large and flopping over. I have purple salvia next to it and some red/pink sedum budded. I have 2 plants that didn’t come up so will call the nursery to see about replacements for them for fall or next spring.
    I also tied the base of the one ornamental grass that I transplanted a year ago as it has so much more growth on it that it is taking up too much space and other plants need some sun/air/moisture, too. So as long as it is cool air I wanted to get it done.

    Just took out a load of towels to be folded and have a load of light clothes in washing now.

    DH went for hair cut and now is taking DS to pick up his glasses he just got new lens for. His eyes worsened this time and he knew they had so glad he got the appointment and hope the new change in lens will help him a lot more reading computer/watching TV.

    I need to think of what I will cook for supper tonight and will look in freezer as I know I have chicken thighs, pork chops and a small beef roast. Will see what DH is hungry for when he gets back. He often gives me some ideas.

    Time for noon news and lunch, too, now.

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    Good morning Posy, Mary and all that follows. We started at 61° with mostly cloudy skies with showers and very breezy. Today’s weather is expected to clear up as we transition back to summer conditions. Daytime highs are expected to be in the low 70s.

    Posy, the birds have really been active with our cooler temperatures.

    Mary, veggies sounds good for lunch; it’s a little after 11 am here and I still need to make breakfast.

    I’m doing more laundry today; always seems to be laundry to do and I still need to clean the hummingbird feeders and make some fresh nectar today. The cooler weather was kind of nice as temperatures below 75 degrees I don’t have to change the nectar as often.

    Have a great day everyone.

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