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    Hello!  A nice calm morning with sunshine and traces of wet pavement from rain overnight I imagine, although I didn’t hear any.  We had hard rain at supper time last night just in time for me to take the burgers off the grill, so I got a free shower.  It then cleared up after that!  The last time I grilled out it rained, too.  So my timing is not so good.

    Hi to MaryinKy, MargeinMi, Octgal, Mmarnee, SHinson, JC, Hopscotch, Hiker and any others I missed.  Just drop in to pass the time of day.  Fun to hear what everyone’s days are like and what they are doing that day.  Sometimes it is same thing over and sometimes not, but makes for conversation for the day.

    I hear the crows cawing here now, and the other birds outside.  We have a lot of bluejays here that are noisy every morning.  And I am letting them eat what is still in feeder from yesterday and they are finding some seed there.  I have finches at the small feeder but I do see the large birds eyeing it up at times and don’t want them on it.  The jays and squirrel ruined one like that one a few years ago.  I use finch mixture in that feeder hoping the big birds don’t like it that well!  But then I do know they will eat any kind that is available.

    I had a bagel with peanut butter on it this morning for breakfast.  Was watching some of the weather and it is hot in many places.  We could have storms today in our area and I noticed yesterday how gray and dark some of the clouds were all afternoon so they had the rain in them when the clouds opened up!  It was muggy here, too.

    Mmarnee, your niece has a good profession so can use that most anywhere in the country and the others with their teaching and nursing professions, too.   There are so many out of work and some looking endlessly and according to papers some have stopped looking.  My DS gets job postings all the time on his phone, but many are not in his field or require licensing to qualify or experience, etc.  He has resumes out to many and some never acknowledge them and some do and he has interviewed out of state as well as in state.  But it has to be a decent wage to just pack up and move somewhere and live in the meantime.   Not a lot around here in this area.  It is amazing all the college graduates that are working out of their field at most any job they can get.  So many have student loans that must be paid.  It just doesn’t seem to get any better.  Every day we hear on the news where some companies are leaving area or downsizing  from the large cities.

    Off to get my refill for coffee and do my daily jobs around here.

    Back a bit later.

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    Good morning Posy, 72-92* today that is too hot and same through next week! so go out early while cool and breezy. have been putting PNB out after i get back and the squirrel has been missing it, but the cardinals and sparrows like it! had egg on toast then saw the cinnamon twirls in the little oven, had forgotten to put them in the fridge! will have them tomorrow because they will be on the shelf and will see them!!!had rain yesterday,might get a storm later today, well the plants all like the rain. hello to others, enjoy the day, Mary in Ky 11.01am

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    Hi Posy, Mary and all others,

    Just went outside and its quite warm although I haven’t checked the temp.  The humidity gets to me so I can’t stay outside too long.  I brought DD home yesterday after having her knee replacement surgery.  She is doing very well.  The evening she had her surgery she walked to the bathroom by herself and told the nurse just to stand by  incase she needed help.  The guy just came to put gutters on the backside of the house.  Thought he had forgotten me.  Posy – I agree about jobs.  I feel for some of the graduates who can’t find jobs and end up taking work at fast food restaurants.

    Well to all who join us, nice to hear from you.

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    Hello to everyone…. went to the farm this morning to work, so just now checking in here.

    The yard was full of birds at the farm… probably because I need to… doesn’t really look that bad, lots of buckhorn..

    I got quite a bit done…and then forgot to bring the two bags of trash with me… but I will get them this weekend so they get picked up on Tuesday.  Nice to keep throwing away.

    Got my stuffed peppers done yesterday, boy were they looking good and smelling yummy. They are all frozen ready to enjoy this winter…

    The swans were here and growing like crazy, and eating corn… boy they sure love that.  I am thinking they will be slow flying this year since they didn’t hatch until a month later than usual.

    Neighbor lady was over spraying weeds.  I asked her if she couldn’t find enough to do at her new house…lolol.. said she had to keep busy… at 84 she needs to slow down a bit.

    Well going to see if I got the mole yet… have one coming up and under the fence… they sure make a mess of the yard…

    Have a good day everyone, enjoy.

    Sharon, Catsbirds, Community Team Member
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    Good morning Posy, Mary, Octgal, Sharon, and all that follows. We started with temps in the 50s and some of the outlying areas were in the 40s. Feels like some nice fall temperatures and really good sleeping weather. It’s now 65° and we have sunshine and today’s highs are expected to be in the mid to upper 70s.

    Posy, I understand about companies downsizing they have been doing that for years. I worked for over 30 years for a company and lost that job due to downsizing. When I first started working loyalty went both ways and over the years it seems that workers are expected to be loyal but companies are not.

    North Dakota is one of the only states that seems to have plenty of jobs available; however from what I understand the cost of living has also gone up considerable, food and housing is now more expensive besides the winter weather can be really cold there.

    Octgal, glad to hear your DD is doing well after her knee surgery.

    I don’t have a large yard so no room for a clothes line so I put up a temporary line so I could dry some rugs. Have almost all of the cleaning done and now need to start on grocery shopping. I plan on going to Costco sometime today.

    Have a great afternoon everyone.

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    Just stopping by.  I went and got groceries and that was an hour and a half I guess.  Takes a long time by the time you look at things, read labels, etc.  Lots of sales or at least that is what the store calls them.  Duncan Hines frosting on sale, canned veggies and even some meat was marked 2.00 less a lb. on sale today.  They need to reduce it to sell it I would say; it is priced too high per lb. in the first place.  That is a marketing trick of theirs I guess.  Some bacon was $7.00 a lb.  Who needs it that bad, not me!  I bought some that was marked $4.99 and that is enough.  I like it for BLT sandwiches.  Most everyone is buying whatever is on sale price throughout the store.  Lots of old people there today, and many shoppers here go to the store daily and buy what they want; they don’t buy ahead or stock up.  I think many don’t do a lot of cooking either.  I notice a lot of the older people buy Stouffer’s package freezer meals when they are on sale.  Today they had mac/cheese, and stuffed peppers on special.  I could make a meal on mac/cheese and a veg. or dish of fruit!

    I buy fresh pineapple that is all cored and then slice it when I get home.  It is so sweet and natural and we like it.

    I am having a slice of ham for supper, and potato salad.  Also, have a couple of hamburgers from the grill last night.  I bought myself a jar of pickled beets as I like those.  Nobody here will eat beets, but they are a favorite veg. of mine.  I like them fixed any way they come in the jars.

    Many of the streets and intersections are closed off or being worked on.  Patching or pouring concrete so in and out of barriers and sometimes easier to find a long way to go to avoid all the construction and one lane traffic or blocked lanes.

    Warm and muggy here and chance of a storm sometime today TV said.

    I am going to go read for a bit and open the sun room up.  It has been closed since I came home 3 hours ago.  I sat down to watch a bit of TV and dozed off.  That was after I got everything put away.


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