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    Hello TGIF!  Hope everyone is doing okay this morning.  We are in 50’s, but some places were at high 40’s this morning and it will warm up into mid to upper 70’s today.  That is an okay temperature.  Bright sunshine this morning and calm.

    Hello to Mmarnee, Octgal, MaryinKy, MargeinMi, JC, Missylynne, CatsBirds, Resa, SHinson, Hopscotch, Birdbug, and any others I missed.  Stop in and chat for a bit about anything.

    I just finished my breakfast and filled the feeder outside sun room.  Also tossed some bread under the spruce trees along the west side of house for the crows or birds that are around and/or squirrels/chippies that will sense there is something out there for nibbling.  One of these days I need to replenish the BOSS at TSC across town as it is getting low and I have more feeders to fill in the front.

    Also, have to get some spools for the trimmer, too, and guess that will be at Loew’s out of town, as there are none here.  And, I doubt any of the local hardware stores in surrounding towns will have what I need, but a phone call won’t hurt so I may do that, today.

    Been watching the TV weather channel.  Lots of damage in Va from the EF1 tornado that went through that campground.  Two killed and one in hospital with bad injuries.  No warning and it tore right through somewhere in east Va, TV said.  Showed all the damage and so much wiped out there.

    Time to go reheat my coffee now.  I was reading the garden section of the paper which is in every Friday.  There is usually an interesting article in it about all sorts of plants, shrubs, etc.  Today it was about shade plants/gardens and why things have a struggle when planted under trees that rob the plants of all the water.  The tree roots just take over and nothing grows good.  I do see where hostas are good under trees, but they need a lot of watering to get a good start.  And, here the deer get into the hostas and chew the tops off until the plant is near death.

    Back later to see who has visited.



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    Good morning Posy and all who follow.

    Another beautiful morning … wow… low 50’s when I got up… and next week they are saying the same thing.. highs only in the 70’s, now that is the way to start August.

    Going to go to the grocery here in a bit. Don’t need much , fresh fruit and

    I am like you Posy, I went out last night to the garage where I store my bird seed totes..and they are all empty. I finished up the last 50 lb of BOSS, brought it up here and filled my seed buckets in the boat shed.. I am out of safflower, fruit and nut, and… in the buckets I have enough for a week or so…but I better be getting the totes filled up… 

    Menards had the BOSS on sale in late winter.  We got 8 – 50lb bags… and just now used them up.  I do hope they have a sale here soon. Our local Rural King does have it for $14.99 all the time though.. which is great considering everyone else’s is over $25… wonder why the difference?

    Well going to get a bite to eat… and let the neighbors dog out.

    Have a good day everyone, enjoy..

    Sharon, Catsbirds, Community Team Member
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    Good morning, Posy-Tornados can happen so quickly, awful for those people. the squirrel was eating his PNB treat so waited till finished before i could close the patio door and go for a nice walk.neighbour up the road planted hostas around a evergreen bush but she forgets to water them and they are dying!might get storms over the week-end,the other day it didn’t happen!Sharon- I buy the safflower seeds from Feeders supply and mix in with the ordinary seeds,the birds like them. have a nice day, Mary in KY 10.21am

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    My birds are having a ball with all the sunflowers that we left growing from the dropped seed from my feeders, don’t know how the neighbors feel about it though. Goldfinches and cardinals look so pretty on them but I can’t get close enough to get a picture! Our stores seldom have BOSS on sale.

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    Hi Everyone,
    Haven’t checked the weather but it sure is a beautiful day. My little boyfriend from next door came over as I was sitting on the back porch having coffee.  He wanted to look at my bird books (as he always does) and we discussed some of the birds.  He was playing wiffle-ball so I helped him.  His mom came over and we talked so my morning was shot.  Just hung my laundry out.  Yesterday went to the surgeon to have him look at the same growth on my leg but he doesn’t feel it needs surgery at least at this point, which I am glad.  I picked blueberries two days ago so I guess I’ll start the jam which is for the church bazaar.  I did go yesterday to get my bird feed supply and have to get it out in the feeders.

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    Good afternoon Posy and everyone, we started in the 50s with some low clouds, and a little breeze. It’s now 71° breezy with sunshine and afternoon temps are expected to warm into the upper 70s and lower 80’s with mostly sunny skies so all in all a lovely day.

    I bought some sunflower seeds for the birds the other day. I started using a little feeder. I need to fill it more but than the one that was squirrel proof but this way the seeds are fresh.

    My knee is giving me problems again and I’m not sure why.

    Have a great day everyone.

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    Just checking in now and will start supper soon.  Haddock and tater tots I think.

    My tray feeder is almost empty I noticed.  Had a red squirrel in it and a gray one today and they both left soon when they saw movement in the sun room.  That feeder is going to get moved further away from sun room so the squirrels don’t have such easy access to it from the roof.  I will just have to walk out into the yard a distance to fill it I guess.  My 3 feeders hang from the maple tree limbs in the front and suet feeders there, too.  I don’t have all of them filled.  I am doling out the seed/suet now.  A big article in paper tonight about being careful feeding birds during summer as the bears are so attracted to it and many black bears are in the areas looking for any kind of food and they can smell good.  They say the birds will survive without the seed in summer anyway.  I know that, but I like to watch the birds!  But I don’t want a bear around either.  There was on on our street 3 or 4 years ago.  I had broken feeders that year.  The feeders need to be 8 or 9 ft. off the ground up in the trees it read and mine aren’t up that high.

    I have the deer ruining everything I have here….the hostas, sedum, lilies.  My lily tree is between 4 and 5 ft tall now and white with red and smells so nice.

    Haven’t done much today only meander outside and pulled some weeds and looked at how much work I need to get at in the flower beds.  Need to trim back the flowers that are done and loosen the weeds so I can pull them out.  And, need to use some weed spray around the sunroom and places away from plants.  With the berries on some of the bushes I wonder if autumn will be early?  Wouldn’t surprise me.

    Better get going with the supper now.

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