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    Good morning!  It is overcast this morning, but looks like it may be brightening up.  We are to be in 70’s today, and could have a shower, too.  Rain is in our forecast for every day this week and could have some thunderstorms, also.  So a week to keep eyes on the weather and hope can get things done in between the rain.

    Hi to MaryinKy, MargeinMi, Mmarnee, Octgal, JC, Hopscotch, Resa, SHinson, Birdbug, CatsBirds, and anyone else I left out.  Just stop in for a chat about anything.

    Yesterday was a busy day with chores here, then a run to exchange a can of spray that didn’t work and to get some dog food (they didn’t have the flavor in I wanted because the truck didn’t come in).  Wouldn’t you think they wouldn’t wait until that very last batch of that flavor of food on the shelf depending on a shipment to come in and then the truck doesn’t show up.  Their people aren’t watchful of the computer inventory or the computer isn’t on top of things.  You would think they would plan ahead a bit.  Same thing happened to me at TOPS last week shopping…empty shelf and truck didn’t come in with the Grandma Brown’s baked beans to restock.   DH says the stores don’t care anymore and I believe it.  The customer is not as important as they claim and they don’t order an extra case or two of item for shelving.  They don’t want goods stockpiled in the back of the store even though canned goods keep.  Maybe they are afraid someone will lift it if they have too much on hand.  Just doesn’t impress the customer for sure.  Also, cashed my winning scratch off tickets that totaled $22.00.  They were in cards for Mother’s Day I got.

    I have vented for this morning I guess!  Now I will go fix my breakfast and refill my coffee and refill the tray feeder for the birds.  DH is on his way to his coffee time at Burger King.

    Back a bit later.

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    Good morning Posy…. and all who follow.

    Very overcast here this morning too….and humid.  I went out to fill the feeders, jelly was gone and the orioles were telling me.

    Supposed to rain a bit today and even more tomorrow.. My feet were soaked when I came back in , so very heavy dew.  It was get too much rain the peonies will all be gone.  It seems like we just get them blooming and along comes the rain.

    Just looked out to the feeders and there sat a Rose breasted… haven’t seen one in weeks.. I guess we have a nest around, I hope anyway..maybe little ones before too long.

    No idea what to do to today, except I do have a couple bills to pay.  Wish I could say that was all I had to…

    Have a good day everyone, enjoy.

    Sharon, Catsbirds, Community Team Member
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    Back again for a bit!  Just waiting for the kitchen floor to dry good.  Have the fan in dining room on to help dry it.  Calling for a humid week here, too.

    I need to call the guy to come and trim some of our maple trees.  We have a few limbs that need to be cut and some overhanging the driveway too much.  Like them, but worry if we get a bad storm that ones over driveway could come down on any cars parked there; my DH’s car is parked in driveway.  It is going in the garage Wednesday for the ignition switch replacement.  It was one of the ones recalled in the GM mess that they kept secret for 10 years……some of those people should go to jail for that mess they kept MUM about.  I hope my car doesn’t get recalled for something, but nothing surprises me anymore I guess.  Pride and work ethics, and workmanship seem to have gone down the drain in the factories anymore.  Many other makes of vehicles have been recalled no matter what car company makes them.

    Glad you had a good outing for your anniversary.

    Need to shake and vacuum throw rugs and look to put some clean ones back down in the kitchen.  Others will need to be washed and put outside to dry.  Not sure when that will get done.  Not good drying days this week I don’t think so in hamper until I get a good day.  I usually put them on a rack in sun room to dry or hang over the fence and clip sides with clothespin.  The sun/wind dry them fast usually.  I don’t have clothes lines up anymore in the back.  Clothes poles but no lines in quite some time.  Too far to walk and carry wet clothes in baskets to hang up anymore, though I love the outdoor smell and fresh air.  Not so, if the birds fly over though!

    Better get moving now and finish settling the kitchen.


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    Good morning, a nice breezy day, Posy-i made three keys in a machine at Walmart and none would unlock my front door, so called them and they sent a check for $4.00!  stores are like that, by the time Saturday comes all the sales things have gone! I call Karen when i see something in KMart as she lives close to it and she gets things for me and keeps until it’s her Saturday to come by.. Sharon- i try to get pictures of the chickadees at the feeder but they are so fast! going out for lunch with Gillian soon she can choose as it is her Birthday! have a nice day everyone,hope the rain stops. Mary in Ky 11.28am

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    Good afternoon Posy, Sharon, Mary and all that follow. We started with a few morning clouds and it’s warmed up to 73° with sunshine.

    The painting crew is here again today. Yesterday they did the prep work and today they are painting my house. I really like the house painted Vanillin; that’s a cream color, and it looks good with the new light brown shingles and with the trim a dark brown.

    I have been watching TV most of the day. It’s a really sad day in Oregon. There was a Shooting at one of the High Schools in the Metro area this morning. A lone gunman armed with a rifle opened fire at Reynolds High School this morning, killing one student and injuring a teacher. The Sheriff’s Office said the gunman is also dead and the situation has stabilized. The teacher was grazed by a bullet and his injuries were not life-threatening.
    It was really a scary time for students, parents, family and teachers. Tomorrow was supposed to be the last day of school for students, the seniors finished last week and today was final test for the others. It took several hours reuniting students with their parents.

    Have a good day everyone.

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    Mmarnee, I saw that on TV.  Such a tragedy, and more of it taking place all over the nation.  What is wrong with people today?  And, if they are not mentally stable why are they allowed to roam all over.  Even if parents know about their child’s situation why would they let them have a gun as some do?  I don’t understand people today.  Always you read or hear on TV of a unstable person doing some wrong to an innocent person and then the person is dead and so is the one who did the wrong.  These people need treatment before they go after someone so should be in a center that treats that type of people and can help them help themselves and not do harm to others.  Just seems it is always too late.

    My dishwasher is going and kitchen cleaned up.  We just had a downpour of rain around 7 PM.  I knew we would get somethng with the dark sky most of afternoon.  And, humid, too and rain/storms forecast for all this week.  DS got the back lawn mowed and the lawn in pool area done.  I had asked him to do it so maybe it will thicken up a bit then and we need to top seed it again.  A few stones are still in sight there and a bit of straw needs to be removed in a corner.  DH raked a lot of straw out of it last week.  Last year we mowed it, too, but straw must’ve worked up through from the original seeding a couple of years ago.  I also pulled some of that garlic mustard out of it and today dug up 2 or 3 thistles I spotted.  So hope some seed on it will help fill in.  I planted a blue/white lupine yesterday in the one garden end of it that is enclosed.  I will get some transplants from my other flower beds to move in there.  Have some black eyed susans and some monarda I can move in there to fill in.  My red hobbit columbine is in bloom and all the purple salvia, too, and pink lilies.

    Am ready to get my pj’s on and read/relax now.  Had to go up to DS house today and help him with an on-line order for a rehab shower wheelchair equipment he needs.  His he has had since 1992 so was time for a new one with adjustable footrests, moveable arm rests, etc.  He uses it every day for his shower so it gets good use.  This one is aluminum frame covered with pvc pipe.   It is expensive but was a reduced price and picked out by the occupational therapist according to his measurements for arm/leg length, etc.  So I sure hope it is a good one and gives him good use for years to come.

    Am ready to say good night here.  Mmarnee your house colors sound nice and bet you will be glad when it is all done!  New look and nice and fresh looking, too.  Our house could stand painting; we have aluminum siding and the darn yellow flakes off on clothes if you get next to it.  I think we need the ramp spray cleaned again and maybe a sealer put on it of some kind.  Just so much to do……………………ugh.

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