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    Hello today!  Here it is 66 degrees and pouring rain and thundering!  We are to have 70 degrees for our high.  The wind was a tad cool coming in the windows when I got up at 6 AM, but felt good without the mugginess.  Then the sky let loose with the rain.

    Hi to MaryinKy, MargeinMi, CatsBirds, Octgal, JC, Hopscotch, Mmarnee, Missylynne, Resa, SHinson, Hiker, Hostalover-where you be?, and any others I missed.  Just stop in and chat about the day.

    All the spray I put on the lilies to keep the critters away probably will be washed off with all the rains now, but it is supposed to last for 2 weeks.  Most of it is to hold up in rains, too.  Also, sprayed some homemade weed killer yesterday, too.  Everything is drenched now and so the growing will happen again after the moisture.  I bet a lot of my stuff is knocked down from the hard rains.

    Had mourning doves in feeder this morning getting what seeds are left this morning.  So I will need to put more out and some pieces of bread I have for them, too.  I will load the feeder up so enough for the jays and cardinals that visit and some of the finches, too.  I need to go to Tractor Supply for more seed and some milk bones for the dog.  So may do that if we get a lull in the weather today.

    DH will go for his coffee time this morning.  And, I will try and get some things done around here that need doing.  Laundry, change bed, and clean bathroom.  Kitchen floor could stand mopping, but not a good day for that with dark and wet day we are having, so a good vacuuming and spot clean as best as I can.

    Going to refill my coffee and browse the board and then be on my way to get my duds on.

    Stop in to visit…………half of July gone already!  Where does the time go, thought I just said that about June a short time ago!

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    Good Morning Posy and to those who follow!

    We have overcast skies and it is about 55 or so. We had our thunderstorms(if you can call them that) yesterday. It was just a couple of mild rumbles, and some rain. Just before DH left for work, we had downpour. It didn’t last long, it was done just as he was leaving.

    On Friday we are going down to IL, to see DH’s best friend. It will just the weekend, but it will be nice to get away for a couple of days. We will be seeing my mom just before we leave.

    I’m caught up on the laundry(for the moment anyways). Not sure what I am doing today, and I am sure something will call my name to be attended to.

    Have a good rest of the day everyone!


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    Good morning Posy, it’s lovely dry and breezy here 67-86* the Birch tree is losing leaves so raked them up into the road, let them blow away up there! yes, this year has seemed to go by quickly. sat on the swing yesterday evening and watched the tufted titmouse, chickadees,goldfinches,doves,song sparrow and cardinals come to eat. nice being able to sit out now that it is cooler. Laurel-enjoy being away from home, lunch is cooking, everyone have a nice day, mary in Ky 11.15am

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    Good morning Posy, Laurel, Mary and all that follows. We are starting off overcast with a breeze and its 61°. Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the week with plenty of sunshine this afternoon and temperatures topping out in the mid 90s. After the cloud cover cleared yesterday we had sunshine and a daytime high of 90°.

    Friday I went shopping and bought a Frigidaire dishwasher and Wasteking disposal and my new dishwasher and garbage disposal were installed yesterday. My old dishwasher was a Hotpoint and I can’t complain as it lasted around 30 years. Not sure how old the disposal was but wasn’t working like it should so decided to also replace it.

    Things have changed over the years I seem to remember installation use to be included in the price of a new appliance. Now it’s up to the buyer to call a plumbing contractor and they are expensive. On the bright side I now know the name of a good plumbing contractor should I ever need one again.

    Looks like I have to fill the bird feeders again today; the birds are really eating the sunflower seeds and suet.

    Laurel, have a great trip and enjoy your weekend.

    Have a great day everyone.

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    I, too, have a Waste King disposal we put in when we did the redo of the kitchen some years ago.  Before that I had a Insinkerator that came with the ss sink in kitchen.  Both are top brands I believe.  I have an Amana dishwasher and have replaced the pump once.  Some of the blue plastic stuff is coming off the top rack and some of the plate dividers are loosening up, so it won’t be too long and I will have to replace it I am thinking.  I have a good repair man that can check/repair and the appliance place here has their own installers so when you buy from them they will deliver, install, and take the old one away.  They did my built in microwave over the stove not long ago I bought as the one I had no longer worked right and door wouldn’t stay open on it to get the food lifted out.

    Time to put the quilt in the dryer and get some lunch.  Just folded a load of clothes so will put them away later.

    You are having a hot spell in Oregon I see.  Cooler here for us! Feels good the cool, fresh air without the mugginess~rained hard here off and on this morning.  Found out it was deer eating my hosta so they were the culprits of the lilies, sedum, too.

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