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    Hello today!  It is dark and raining here, and breezy.  The birds are out and about at the feeder before I filled it and now since then.  The jays were waiting in the trees for the peanuts!  They sure know when the peanuts are there and they all like the fruit/nut mixture of seed, too.

    MaryinKy, MargeinMi, CatsBirds, Octgal, JC, Missylynne, Resa, Karmen, Hopscotch, Hiker, Mmarnee and any others I forgot.  Just tune in and chat about the day.  First they said 2.1 inches of rain for us, but now DH said they have lessened it quite a bit, so patterns change I guess.  I haven’t had the TV on this morning so have seen or heard any weather changes or updated forecasts.  I heard the paper come early this morning and so did the dog!  It was dark then and probably raining, but I didn’t get up and look out.  It will help the flowers and grass anyway.  Grass has been green all summer here; no burn out like it is some years.

    Was reading my Garden Gate magazine that just came and they have a new one they are issuing now, too, and no advertising in it either.  I may get that one.  Such interesting reading and pictures and good ideas and hints about so many plants, etc.  It is worth the cost I think.  I have all of mine saved so can always look back for a particular plant/weed to be identified, etc.

    Going to go eat my breakfast now and refill the coffee.  Back a bit later on to see who has checked in to chat.

    Stay upright!

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    Good morning Posy,  its a half sun half overcast morning here…. we had a bit of rain during the night. But we are still below average for this time of the year.

    Everything is still so dry.

    Well the neighbor lady called, the one who has the place next door to us but is never here. She wanted to see if we had her key. Well yes we did, still hanging on the hook, where it always is. Now this is where it didn’t make sense. Said they were coming up , would be here in about an hour to get the key. Ok.. no biggie.  Said they needed the key because her relatives from England were here and staying with them for a couple of weeks. I thought to myself, well when they come up, if they do, have them come get the key. But I kept my  mouth

    They get here,  she comes over and says well I thought maybe they ( the  relatives)  might like to bring a picnic and come up for one day while we are working. Now these people do not need the money, very well to do, I can’t understand them working while relatives are here, but thats them. So then she proceeds to tell us that the toilet is still winterized from last year, no electric is on, the porch screens have all rotted and come down, and they weren’t going to open the cottage. Well what the hello would the relatives do if they came up? Pee in the yard? lolol. She then says well there really is no sense in opening it now, too late in the year. Well duh..

    Then she says  Now next year we will be here, for sure.. She has said that the past 3 summers since her Mom passed. The first summer they were here 3 days total, last year a day and a half and this year about an hour total.  I laughed and said sure you will Patti. Then she said well they are going to England again late next summer until fall again..  I have no idea what these people are thinking, except the place is beginning to look like no one is taking care of it. Neighbor on other side mows for them, I trim the bushes on this side and pull the weeds out of the poppy bed… Of course the more I thought about it I thought well this is what she did for years with her Mom. Brought her up, dropped her off, left her for 3 weeks, and expected us to watch out for her. So nothing has changed.  Makes me mad they expect it, but we don’t want to sit next to a yard full of weeds.

    Ok got that off my chest… thanks for

    Have a good day everyone… enjoy

    Sharon, Catsbirds, Community Team Member
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    Good morning Posy and Sharon, a nice breezy morning 71-80* today. I put seed out before i go to the gym and saw the squirrel scampering away when i got back, put the PNB and broken peanut dish out, so he will be here soon. had a blue jay come one day which is rare and got a picture of him too! had a heavy rain yesterday so the bucket should be full that i leave out and the sun was shining brightly,but forgot to see if a rainbow was there. Sharon-that woman must think the house looks after itself, have a nice day, Mary in Ky 10.20am

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    Hi there!  Still raining on and off here.  I have not done much today.  I did manage a nap, though!  Unloaded dishwasher and fixed lunch.  That is about it.  I have no idea what I am having for supper yet.  I did get some hamburg out to thaw for tomorrow to make either meatloaf or goulash.

    Been browsing through Garden Gate magazine; I do enjoy that.

    Fed the birds early today and they have been at feeder all day.  Cardinals and jays, finches, doves.  Also, Mr. Squirrel visited until he was chased away by the dog several times.  The birds amaze me the way they sort the seeds, split them and eat what they like and get rid of what they don’t want.  They pick and choose and are sure good at that.

    That neighbor must be a dandy, CatsBirds.  She must figure the cottage takes care of itself or doesn’t care.  Why do they even have it; they might better sell it to someone who could enjoy it for the summer or winterize it for year round living.  If they aren’t going to keep it up they should let someone else who cares and could live there.  Glad you got that off your chest anyway.

    Guess I better move and get my sinks cleaned….at least do something useful! LOL

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    Good afternoon Posy, Sharon and Mary, we started at 70° with clouds and sunshine this morning; it then warmed up to 81° before it dropped back to 77° then rained a little. The news reports showed most of the rain/hail and lighting around town  has  so far missed my area. After yesterday’s 95° at my home and 99° downtown Portland today’s temps are welcome.

    I’m late posting again today. I did get up early and starting on a project cleaning out some drawers, then took a break and cleaned all the hummers feeders and gave them some fresh nectar. I really should start some laundry, always have some of that to do.

    Sharon, I can’t imagine what your neighbor is thinking one does not invite company when they plan on working. With the house still winterized it hard to believe she would even consider having company. Those poor relatives form England; I hope they don’t think everyone here is like that.

    Posy, I have to fill the sunflower feeder every day; lots of hungry birds. I thought the Rufous Hummers had moved but they were still around the yard last night and this morning. They are only about half the size of the Anna’s Hummers.

    Have a great day everyone.

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    Just stopping in after getting supper over with and the kitchen cleaned up and dishes put in the dishwasher.

    It is misting out now and has rained a bit off and on all afternoon.  Most of it is west of us several miles where the rain is the hardest.  So we didn’t get what was originally predicted and a change in forecast for whatever reason.

    I went to Dollar General near 4:30 PM to pick up some bread as we were low and didn’t want to go 3 miles across town to get it.  So then I needed other items so made out a list and went and got what I needed.  So a stop I won’t need to make tomorrow.

    I have a hair trim tomorrow and need to go to drug store for Tylenol as Dollar General has some acetametaphin, but I didn’t take the time to check their dates, etc. on their supply, but I have bought it there before as they carry the Rexall brand.  And, then forgot deodorant, too, so will stock up on sale stuff when I hit the drugstore if they have any on sale.  Rite Aid has some good deals sometimes as does Walgreen’s.  I have their flyers to check before I go on that venture anyway!

    I made French toast for supper as that is good for a change with maple syrup.  I like it with ham or bacon sometimes.   I did have some fresh pineapple with mine.  I have cantalope in the fridge I will have later on.  I am going to make something out of hamburg tomorrow night for supper.

    Going to do some reading now and then just relax.  Ballgame got canceled due to rain.  I have a lot of stuff to read so will do that.

    I didn’t get much done today except scrub the sinks in the bathrooms, unload the dishwasher.  Just been a mopey day.


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