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    Good morning!  We have an overcast sky and wet roads so rained overnight sometime.  The temp. is 68 degrees here, so warm overnight.  Haven’t had TV on so not sure what today brings, right now it looks to be a rainy day.

    Hi to MaryinKy, MargeinMi, Octgal, CatsBirds, Mmarnee, JC, Laurel, SHinson, Hopscotch, Hiker, Resa, and any others I missed.

    Octgal, are you traveling for HS reunion soon?  JC, how are you doing?  SHinson, hope you are doing better with your BP now.  Hopscotch, how is your garden producing?  Laurel, what are you doing lately?  Resa, hope you are doing okay at your house.  Hiker, are you keeping busy?

    I have been awake since 5:45 am when the dog barked because the morning papers was being delivered!   We get the local and the Buffalo News papers.  So I got up around 6:30 am and had my coffee while perusing the paper.  So I am going to have my breakfast now and then will browse the boards to see who has posted.

    So will be back later on to check in.

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    Good morning Posy, you do get your paper early, mine comes just after 7,have to take osteoporosis pill 30 minutes before eating so took it and read in bed until time for breakfast. sat out on the swing and read most of the paper while watching the birdies come down to eat, had chickadee, cardinal, female woodpecker,sparrow and doves,the chickadee chirps and so does the red male cardinal when they eat before flying off into the tree. hello to others, enjoy the day, Mary in KY 10.18am

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    Good morning Posy and Mary, and all who follow.

    Beautiful morning here right now… cool, and a nice breeze off the lake.  Wind chimes are tinkling… sound so pretty.

    Just had a quick breakfast as we are going to meet the youngest and family at Cracker Barrel early afternoon.  We don’t get to do that often with Dennis’s work hours ya know.

    Birds are busy today here to Mary.  Love listening to the goldfinches.  They chatter so cute.

    People out fishing and neighbor has a campfire going. Nice smells…

    The swans were here but I didn’t get out to feed them as I am not dressed yet.  They will be back as they love their crackers and corn.

    Can’t stop sneezing.  I know its because we haven’t had much rain to keep the pollen down, and with all the thistles going to seed it makes for one yucky

    Well  have a good day everyone… enjoy

    Sharon, Catsbirds, Community Team Member
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    No Cracker Barrel here to eat at.  It is raining here now and I don’t care if it keeps it up.  I am not planning on doing much anyway.

    I managed to get myself dressed!  I wrote a few checks and been reading about what the church wants for their plant booth, flea market, and pie and cake table, book booth, too.  I have a bit of all around here I think.  They want garden items for plant booth, nice pots, decorative garden ornaments.  I have some paperbacks I could donate, and any number of garden stuff, and flea market items…stuffed bears, etc.  I no longer need a lot of that stuff to sit around anymore.

    Never see goldfinches here anymore.  Not sure where they have gone to.  At one time some years ago we had many of them.

    TSC is soon having BOSS on sale beginning Aug. 6th for $18.99 for 40 lb. bag.  And, suet cakes on sale, too.  Just in case anyone is looking to stock up for upcoming seasons!

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    Good afternoon Posy, Mary, Sharon and all that follows. This morning’s 62° temps felt a little chilly when I had my morning coffee on the patio. I can’t complain as it’s been good sleeping weather. It’s already 79° and sunny and our summer sizzle is expected to continue the next couple of days with highs near 90 degrees. We are supposed to cool down later in the week.

    Posy, we don’t have a Cracker Barrel Restaurants either. I really liked them when we were on vacation, just can’t find any in Oregon. Strange thing is we see television commercial for them all the time.

    We went to the farmers market again this morning. I bought a few peaches, more cucumbers, kohlrabi, radishes, tomatoes, also bought some corn on the cob and some Black Raspberry Jelly. That market is really an interesting place to visit.

    Sharon, I thought the Rufous hummers had moved on, but I was able to see more Rufous hummingbirds in my backyard again last night and this morning. They are smaller than my Anna’s as I can usually see the Anna’s when they perch in a tree and it’s much harder to see the Rufous in that same tree.

    Mary, now that it’s warmer and I can be on the patio more often the chickadees in my backyard are getting use to seeing me and don’t fly off when they see me.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

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