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    Hello!  It is 56 here now and was forecast to be down to 45 in our area, so it no doubt was earlier this morning.  We are to get to 70 or maybe mid 70’s later on.  Much drier air today and then warming up in a few days again.  Bright sunshine and blue sky so pretty out.  Dog is in lounge in sun room sunning himself.

    Hi to MaryinKy, MargeinMi, Octgal, JC, Mmarnee, Missylynne, Hopscotch, SHinson, CatsBirds, Birdbug, Resa and any others I missed.  Just drop by and chat a bit about anything.  Octgal, have safe trip to your son’s today in NY State.

    I just came in from putting seed and peanuts out for the birds and before that I ate breakfast of whole wheat toast and blackberry seedless jam.

    I need to write some checks and get in the mail this morning.  Then maybe later spray some homemade weed killer on the weeds growing in between some blocks I have and in between some stepping stones I have on the path on the west side of house.

    Recently was reading how much winter kill we did have of some of the plants in this area of country.  I know my rose bushes didn’t fair too well.  My knockout one that is deep red only has a small amount of stems and flowers at base of plant and a couple of buds on them.  The rest of the bush has dead limbs on it and need to be trimmed off I guess.  Last year it was a large bush; this year looks like a miniature.  Even my pink fairy rose is only leafed out on half of it and that is in the back along the fenceline.  So certain areas of the yard didn’t fair too well here.  The winds and cold did its job and the frost was so deep in the ground here.  Our guy that works here at times for us said it was 4 ft deep frost past winter.  That is down deep.  No wonder things were harmed.  My one flowering almond bush is only leafed out in a few places so that was hit hard.  The other one I have is fine; so where they are planted makes a big difference and with the spruce trees that are no longer there the plants lost protection, too.  They were a windbreak even though they were not filled out good any longer and losing many needles and branches.  Some kind of a blight they had we were told.

    What is everyone doing today?  We stayed home the 4th and did nothing.  I did grocery shop and DS mowed the lawns.  DH was reading and TV watching most of the time.  The store was packed with shoppers yesterday.

    Later today we are going to high school graduation party for a great niece.

    Back later on to see who has been here.

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    Good morning Posy…

    It is just a beautiful morning here. Nice and cool, sun is shining, birds are singing… I love this kind of day.

    Oldest and daughter in law were here yesterday.  We had the best time. Just visited, sat with our feet in the water, got sunburned…had good food… and didn’t have to go anywhere.

    The fireworks from the neighbors behind us and in front of us were really nice.  I posted some of them in today’s picture post.

    Going to not do much today…maybe some laundry to get caught up… burgers on the grill..corn on the cob… and spend the day with hubby. They actually gave them the whole weekend off… but he says they will want 10 and 12 hour days this week to “make” up for it.  No planning at that plant whatsoever..

    Well have good time at the graduation… enjoy.

    Sharon, Catsbirds, Community Team Member
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    Good morning,

    Just getting ready for TS Arthur, Secured anything that could blow around and cause damage put my few flower pots in the car port, and the hanging bird feeders in the shed, threw a few handfuls of seed in the driveway for the birds,

    he should be here in a few hours, it’s overcast, had a bit of rain ( it’s pouring right now,) and the wind is picking up, temps in the mid 60’s feels good after the high temps we have had over the last few days,

    So not doing too much but waiting it out,

    have a great day  {{hugs}}

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    Hi!  Just finished loading the dishwasher and I made a dish of bean salad and have it in fridge now to season through so can be a dish for tomorrow.

    I guess the storm was in Bangor, Me. I heard on TV and then eventually will head to Nova Scotia and on to Greenland.

    It is a bright day here blue sky and white puffy clouds.  It is breezy and the temp. is low 70’s here now.

    Had lunch and just sitting around now relaxing a bit.  Doing a little reading of morning paper, too.

    I like to sit in sun room and watch birds sometimes.  It was chilly in here so sat in the sun a bit to warm up.  I have plenty to do if I would get busy, but no sense in starting anything around here as will we be leaving for out of town grad. party in  couple of hours.

    Hope all are enjoying today.

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    Good morning Posy, Sharon, Rese and all that follow. We started partly cloudy with temperatures in the 60s and it’s already warmed up and an absolutely gorgeous morning. I enjoyed having my coffee on the patio while watching all the little birds. We expect sunny skies and temperatures are expected to climb into the low 80s.

    Hope everyone had a lovely 4th of July. We went up to one of my sisters yesterday it’s only an hour’s drive from here. It was my nephew’s 38th birthday; amazing how fast time flies by. My nephew brought over his BBQ so they had two BBQ’s going. The food was absolutely delicious.

    There were all kinds of fireworks around the neighborhood; and I could still here them at 12:30 pm last night.

    For some reason with the holiday on Friday today does not seem like Saturday to me. I should get some groceries sometime soon.

    Sharon, glad to hear your hubby has some time off so you both can enjoy the weekend.

    Have a great day everyone.

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    Well Darn!! the storm fizzled and went out to sea!! we have sunshine,:)

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    Rese, glad to hear that storm fizzled out and you are both safe.

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