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    Greetings to all!  Here it is cloudy, overcast and a temp. of  68 degrees and headed to high 70’s or even 80 degrees.  Not sure if we will get rain today or not, but there is a chance, I suppose.

    Hi to MaryinKy, MargeinMi, Octgal, CatsBirds, Missylynne, Mmarnee, SHinson, Hopscotch, Resa, JC, Nan, and any others I missed.  Just drop by and visit a bit about anything.

    I was awake at 5:08 AM when I heard a car go by; think it was our paper girl delivering.  Then back asleep and up at 6:00 AM when I heard DH up and getting around to go to cardiac class.  Had coffee then, but now am ready for my breakfast after watching a bit of news/weather on TV.

    So off to have breakfast, refill tray birdfeeder after yesterday’s soaking all day, I doubt there is much for seed left in it.  I did see a small bird in it a short time ago; maybe a finch as it was brown.  And, today make a trip to TSC for some seed I need to replenish and am low on.

    Back a bit later on to see who has dropped in to chat.  This wet stuff is sure good for sinus!

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    Hello!  Where is everyone?

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    Good morning Posy and all that follows. It’s really a lovely weather morning here; we started at 62° and it’s now 72° sunny with a little breeze. More hazy, hot sunshine is expected today with temperatures warming into the 90s. We’re supposed to cool down sometime mid-week.

    I was up early this morning; for some reason I woke up at 4 AM and couldn’t sleep. I cleaned all the hummingbird feeders and made fresh nectar for the hummers. I folded and put away a load of laundry, then took my morning coffee out on the patio and watched the birds for way over an hour.

    The last few days have been really hot so I’m making sure to change the water in the birdbath more often. I read that in the wild many birds will flutter against wet leaves to bathe; so several times yesterday I went out and sprayed the leaves on the bushes by the birdbath. The chickadees seemed to enjoy that and did flutter against the wet leaves.

    It’s time I give the birds some fresh water; then maybe I should make some breakfast for myself.

    Have a great day everyone.

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    I just finished folding a load of light clothes I washed/dried awhile ago.  And, I just boiled some eggs so they are cooling in cold water now.  Maybe will use them to make a salad in day or two.

    Earlier I was out pulling some weeds and need to go out and cut some dead flowers back and toss those.  Easy to pull today since all the rain we had past couple of days.

    It is warm here near 80 and earlier was a cool northwest breeze, but much warmer now.

    Trying to figure out what I want to cook for supper; sliced ham or chicken tenders.

    DH gone to take DS’s van to repair shop and schedule it in for inspection, too, for this week.  Another son will drive DH home as he took him up to get the van.  Will leave the van there and the guy will get to it some day this week as long as DS doesn’t need it this week anyway.

    The village was up here cleaning out some of the storm drains and said they will be starting the work they need to do on upper end of this street next week.  It has something to do with the sewers/drainage up above us on end of street which they now made a dead end a few weeks back.

    I was awake early this morning, too, and am sleepy now.

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