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    Good Afternoon All,

    We started at 70 degrees, it’s 92 partly cloudy degrees now. I just  made seven cuttings,  from a limb on  our  Confederate Rose, for a lady who works with my wife, now for the wait. I’m taking it easy today, watching grilling programs on a PBS sub channel :-)

    Janet….I enjoyed your oil rig photos, Jason Smith does a short fishing program during the channel 10 news programs on Thursdays, they catch a lot of specks and red fish around those rigs. Did you get to see the lighthouse that’s out in Mobile Bay? What kind of fish did y’all catch?


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    Good afternoon Terry  & anybody else that shows up later.  A hot, sunny day  (73º at 8 this morning & upward from there).

    I got back to my water aerobic class finally this morning.  Will try to get back into it at least twice a week.

    From there I went to the Community Library & then started cutting grass when I got home but the battery on the mower needed be charged so had to that before I could finish the section of yard I was doing.  It did cloud over about 1/2 hr ago & looked like rain so I finished what I was cutting earlier & then the sun came back out.

    I worked some in the d’way bed, cutting back my Dappled Willow about 1/2 way.   It gets overgrown & looks too wild for my taste.

    Spent some time in between weeding & cutting in my screen room , reading & dozing.

    Working again tomorrow, most likely all day.

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    Janet West
    Janet West

    Terry go over to byc and look at what I posted today…There is a picture of the lighthouse but I do not remember the name of it…do you know the name of it….it says on a plaque on front side of it and DGS read it but I was too busy taking pictures to listen…..I caught only one fish , check him out on BYC , dgs caught a Large 4 ft King Mackeral, and a 30# Red Drum.

    we even netted a shrimp when netting for small fish to use for bait. GGS isn’t scared of anything. 

    Red Drum  about 30#

    Red Snapper

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    Good morning going to try and see if it does right! thought i had been here yesterday,I’m used to the mornings.Terry- never tasted fig preserves always ate them fresh, saw an interesting story on PBS last night about a man in Maine had a 2year old pet seal that stayed with him for 25 years. Janet-those were big fish! Gayle- you are working, enjoy the sunroom dozing etc. hello to Jo Ann and others,dryer has stopped so folding and hanging to see to, and get some lunch ready.have a nice day, Mary in Ky 11.05

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