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    Jo Ann
    Jo Ann

    Good morning. It is 76º and cloudy at 9:30 this morning.

    I noticed that the price for a gallon of regular gasoline was $3.19 at the Jet Pep station yesterday.  I never thought I would see gas that low again.  Notice that I did not say “cheap”.

    I just made what I think of as fake French toast for breakfast.  I lightly toast bread in the toaster, put some Country Crock and honey on the toast and sprinkle it with cinnamon.  It’s pretty tasty.

    Y’all have a great day!


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    Good Morning…..We started at 71 degrees again this morning, it’s 84 overcast degrees now. We had 1 1/4″ of rain in a hour Saturday, the mulch that I put on the hill road stayed in place and kept the asphalt from eroding anymore :-)

    Our GS is staying weekdays  with us while his dad gets the classes lined up for his students. I drove out and bought a 50 lb salt block yesterday and then put it across the creek along with some corn…waiting to see if the critters will lick the block.

    I noticed the AC in the ’97 Dakota wasn’t cooling in the 92 degree heat, we knew it had a freon leak. We dropped it off at the shop this morning for a expensive fix, I’m also getting front and rear shocks put on the truck.

    Mary…..We’ve seen every Gaithers show many times, we’re able to watch him on several channels during the Saturday and Sunday. We also watch Great American Gospel, Gospel Country, Guy Penrods gospel music show  and a couple others on sub channels. I watched the Statler Brothers Farewell Concert four times one Saturday, I really like them :-)

    Gayle…..I’ll be right here, you won’t see me on Facebook :lol: I liked  your Bonfire, it rained here so we didn’t get to have a fire. The tide does it’s own thing, water can move most anything.  I’ve had Dolphins on the same wave while I was surfing, they’re fun to watch :-)

    Janet…..You’re doing peaches and we’re messing with sand pears, Joyce made a pear crisp Sunday after I gathered some pears from the hill tree.  Did you read my post from “Thursday 8/07/14″, I told you about the Mobile Light Houses and the Remora fish that you caught.

    Jo Ann…..Our regular is $3.29 here this morning, it’s $3.19 fifteen miles south of us. They said it could go below $3 before long, we’ll see :?:


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    Good afternoon everybody.  It’s raining here, great for the mosquitoes.  LOL

    I worked today.  Got home about an hr. ago.  Hard to believe it’s almost 4 o’clock.

    Terry, my Dad used to say “Water seeks its own level” which I never really understood but took his word for it.

    Not much else going on.  Maybe, if they spray for mosquitoes in the morning I might go to water aerobics.

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    Good afternoon, been a nice breezy 70-82* today, Jo Ann-last week Kroger had gas 3.79,today 3.67. it will probably go up before the weekend gets here. you had french toast your way still tastes good though! Terry- I saw the Farewell show too, they are a good group. you had dolphins close up,that was something. the men made new pavements for two squares today,then the blower man came along to blow leaves away from it. so nice and even now at the bottom of the steps here. Gayle-saw a mosquito on the gym window this morning while on the treadmill, hope it was on the outside!time to walk to the postbox he or she should be gone by now, everyone enjoy the evening, Mary in breezy Ky 5.09pm

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