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    Jo Ann
    Jo Ann

    Good morning.  It was 75º when I went to get the paper at 6:30.  Must be awfully humid because the windows were fogged up.  We are supposed to get some below normal temps for a couple of days which I am looking forward to.

    I did see the picture post yesterday.  Nice hibiscus pics.  And if you missed Sandra’s picture that she posted in yesterday’s Southeast Report of the calf in the windflowers do yourself a favor and go back and look at it.   It is precious.

    I’m looking forward to a quiet day today.  Whatever you do I hope you have a great day!

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    Good morning Jo Ann, a lovely sunny,breezy 67-78* today, I’m sure your GC appreciate you being there for them. Gayle- haven’t seen any JB’s here yet but heard a locust yesterday. do you get a bath when you wash the dog? i used to wash my spitz (fritz) in the bath tub, he didn’t mind the hair dryer then let him out and he would run around rubbing against the couch and chair.Steve-had to laugh about the bombing, you do have a problem with them. enjoy your holiday away from work. Terry-whats TP? I’m learning things about the south!! Sandra-nice picture of the calf among the wild flowers, in England small wild daisies and buttercups grow every where. got to go visit others before lunch time comes, everyone have a nice day. Mary in KY 10.40am

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    Good Afternoon…..We started at 73 degrees, it’s 87 overcast degrees here now, it has sprinkled several times but not enough to measure. I haven’t done anything today, I’m relaxing.

    Jo Ann….My Jr. High band had 54 members, that doesn’t include the majorettes, I was secretary & treasurer in the 9th grade(1961-1962) and drill sergeant in the 8th grade, we would beat out high school bands in marching and concert contest at times :-)

    Mary….We’ve been hearing Cicadas down here for a while, I enjoy holding one when it vibrates, it tickles :lol: TP is short for toilet paper, I guess it could also stand for tooth paste :grin:


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    Good evening everybody.  Just getting here.  No special reason. I slept in this morning  & then  decided to do outdoor things all day.

    It was hot & humid but there was a little breeze. It was 84º  at 10 AM.

    I cut what grass needed to be cut & what didn’t really need it, I skipped over.  Put the sprinkler out all afternoon &got everything watered.

    The JB have declined somewhat; Probably less than half of the initial wave that came through.

    I took Chelsea into the back yard & sat out there on the swing for a while.  Teaguer came over & joined us.  I needed somebody to take a picture of me in the swing with those two laying at my feet.  LOL

    When I moved the sprinkler to that part I came into the inner yard & made use of the Screen Room.  A nice relaxing day but I did get some things done.

    Now it’s clouding up & looks like rain  Of course it will rain.  I watered. LOL  But that’s OK with me.

    That was pretty much my day.  Hope yours was enjoyable.

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