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    Good morning,

    We started at 72 degrees, it’s 89 sunny degrees now. I went out and spread some mulch on the hill road and in our driveway early this morning, it was 82 degrees with 94% humidity when I came in, I was hot. I filled my truck up at Tom Thumb this morning, regular was $3.30 there, it was $3.25 at the Raceway store.

    I went to the fish camp and sat on a table at the fishing point, all I did was relax, I need to go earlier and try to do some fishing :-)  They say the fish are biting early in the morning and at sunset while it’s cool.

    Janet….That’s a Remora or “sucker fish”, they attach themselves to sharks, rays or any large fish for a free ride and meal, they eat the scraps from when the larger fish are feeding. We never ate any that we caught surf fishing, some say they’re really good.

    Google “what’s the name of the Mobile Bay lighthouses”, the Middle Bay Light looks like a house on a stand out in the water, yours looks like the Sand Island Lighthouse, there’s another one at Dolphin Island. We watched a PBS program, Lighthouses of the Gulf Coast. I know that King had to taste good, we make steaks and deep fry them in peanut oil after coating them with cornmeal and a little corn starch :-)

    Mary…..Fig preserves are soooooo good, the syrup that is made from cooking them down in sugar makes them taste great. I like to keep a jar in the fridge and put a few figs on a slice of toast. I smash the figs down and have that for breakfast, they’ll keep in jars for a couple years :-)


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    Hi Terry.  I worked all day so just getting here tonight.  I’m about wiped out.  Seven hrs. Tues & 7 Hrs. today.  I know that’s not really a lot of hours compared to a 40+ work week but I’m not used to those hrs. these days & it is physical on your feet for 7 hrs work.  You’re moving things around in the store, pushing, pulling, bending, lifting & we work straight thru with no breaks.

    I’ll vegetate the rest of the night for sure.

    The cousins from Pa. are here & they are having a Bonfire on the beach tomorrow night & Sat. night.  I’ll wait till Sat. to go see them.

    Hope you have had a great day.

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