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    Good Afternoon…..We started at cool 60 degrees, it’s  87 sunny degrees now. I worked on our lawn tractor from 7:00AM-12:30PM today, the blades wouldn’t engage. I had never removed a lawn tractor mower deck, after trial and error, it seems to be working and cutting grass now :-) I had already used our self propelled walk behind mower to mow around where Joyce parks.

    Our pork loin turned out moist and tender, we’ll have more tonight and freeze the rest for the future.

    Mary…I started cooking when I was around five years old, my grandmother would let me stand in a chair and stir the pots. My grandfather taught me about camp cooking at the same age, we would cook fish and fries in the backyard after coming back from the beach or river :-)


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    Good evening everyone.  I sure hope we can keep this thread from dying out.

    The GKs will be gone next week & I will try to start a new thread as often as I can.

    Several of our regulars have disappeared; Steve, Daphne & now Jo Ann.   Don’t see much of Janet either.   I’m sure there are at least a couple of others that I can’t think of at the moment.

    We’ve spent the week going here & there.  So tomorrow we are going to just “hang” as my GS says.  I need to do some things here at the house but we might go to the pool for a while.

    Depending on the weather I will either take them home (if rainy) or their Dad will come get them if weather is nice enough to take them to the beach again.  (him, not me.  LOL)

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