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    Good morning …We started at 71 degrees, it’s 87 sunny degrees now. I mowed the hill top parking pad this morning in case the kids want to visit, they won’t drive their low slung van down our hill road or driveway. It has been a couple years since they visited down here, we visit them on weekends and keep our GS during some days, DW goes and picks him up at his house. DD called back last night and ask her mom if the steps were still there that lead down from the pad to the back of our home, I don’t keep the path cleared anymore.

    I spread the last of the mulch that was along the hill road and did some more in our driveway. I had planned on going fishing but mowing came up :lol:

    Gayle……I don’t know if I could still stack 50lb and 80lb sacks of soil and seeds anymore much less lifting those heavy mowers and grills up into the steel storage racks,  I love being retired :-)

    I grew up building driftwood fires on the beach, they outlawed open burning  on the beach 30 years ago, they don’t want black ashes and burnt wood discoloring our sugar white sands….the tourist might not like that :-(


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    Good afternoon Terry & any who follow.

    This morning was a little cool.  Only 66º at 8:15 so I didn’t go to water aerobics.  I like it at Least 70º  before I go into an outdoor pool.  So I took Chelsea for a walk instead & ran some errands.

    I was really tired last night but I did end up watching Jaws 2 late last night from the comfort of my recliner.  When it was over I turned out the light & slept right there.   Just as comfortable as my bed to me.  When my husband was still living (but sick) I slept many a night in the recliner to be near him in case he needed anything.

    They have a special area at the very end of the beach where they allow fires.  You have to dig a pi for it & then cover it all back up, taking away any burned or left over wood when you leave.

    My grass needs to be cut so as soon as I finish eating lunch I will be doing that & from there I don’t know what I’ll get into.

    Hope everybody has a good day.

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    Jo Ann
    Jo Ann

    Good afternoon.  I’m hearing lots and lots of thunder, but no rain so far today. The clouds are looking dark, so hopefully we will have a shower this afternoon.  It rained about 1/4″ yesterday.

    I just ordered a stroller from babies ‘r’ us for the great grandson who is due Oct. 30.  They already have the car seat that fits into the stroller.  Also ordered an infant starter gift set which has the bottles, bottle brush, formula dispenser, trainer cup and pacifier.  I like shopping online when the person has a gift registry.  I wanted to make sure that I got my gift while there was some good things left.  What I really wanted though was some pretty clothes, but I can find those later.

    I hope y’all have had a good week and a good day.

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    Hello, well, i forgot again not used to being on later,and it didn’t work as i thought for thursday! had a rainy morning but was able to go for a walk 3pm with my umbrella incase. Terry-that white sand is so bright saw it in Sarasota one year had to wear my sunglasses!do you use driftwood for garden decorations? Gayle-I don’t mind the cool water once i get under, that’s probably why there weren’t any people those two days of 87* and a breeze at the pool! going with GD to Jaynes and an animal sale early tomorrow, Gillian didn’t want to get up early,her hours changed to 11am to 7pm at work she doesn’t like it.have written a note SOUTH on it in front of the computer,don’t know what time I will get home, see you all tomorrow.Mary in Ky.10.29pm

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