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    Good morning.  It’s 70 and been raining all night up until right now.  Don’t know how much we got.  No wind with it, though, so that is good.

    It seems like Monday, since I’ve been off since Wednesday.  And it’s a short day today, too.

    Winnie and I watched some fireworks last night. Glad she isn’t bothered by the noise.  I took her out front to see the neighbors doing theirs, but I think it was too close, and she wasn’t familiar with the front, so we didn’t stay out there very long.

    Well, gotta get ready to go.  Have a good day.



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    Good Morning,  Leroy  and all.  Looks like another beautiful day, I need to get off the computer and go outside.  But first I need my coffee, its on.  I want to do one more flower bed this morning, pulling and spraying.  Tomorrow I want to put some mulch down, I did do 2 bags on another bed Thursday, have 2 more to go on that bed.  We are going to play cards today with sisters, will leave about 1, ( as the cups for the ladder aren’t big enough),  to go to the pool store.  Yesterday was a good day, good thing it was a holiday, like Lair my body hurt especially my back and legs.  I only pulled a few weeds here and there.  Michelle, Ashley, Gage were here and Jerry after he got off of work.  Yes the he needed to spray, it was too windy Thursday.  We had potatoes salad, hamburgs and hot dogs.  I think I also did dishes 3 times, plus run the dishwasher,  not today.

    Lair,  that’s good news about Tim getting a raise, oh I wish I could get a raise.

    Leroy,  I went to bed Thursday and Firday nite and people were letting off the works.  I was too tired both nights, didn’t keep me awake.

    Have a great day, Carol

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    Good Morning,  It is 62* and overcast with a wind out of the east.  The overnight Leroy got is just starting here.  Forecast is for it to rain of and on all day.  I’m feeling much better today with just being a little low on ambition.  Didn’t do much yesterday except mix up more spray for the yard weeds.  Was going to spray this morning but with the rain it will have to wait.  I don’t know what day it is today.  I’m all off kilter for some reason.  Yesterday I got most of the recycling ready before I realized it wasn’t Sunday.  Maybe it was because Tim got up early yesterday in such a good mood.  Happiest I have seen him since he got his Hodgkins diagnosis.  On Thursday he was at work and got a call from the office to come in for a meeting.  3 of the managers told him they had been looking over his work record and watched tapes of his crew working.  They said the had reconsidered his salary increase of 1.50.  Long story short, Starting on Monday he will be getting $5.25 more per hour.  This is a wage adjustment and will not take the place of his normal pay raise in Oct.  This raise puts him at just $2 per hour lower than the supervisor but unlike the supervisor Tim still gets time and a half for overtime.  He didn’t think he would ever see that much money working for this company.  He was so happy all day.  

    Well, it is starting to come down pretty steady now so I need to go let the cats in.  I guess I will do some cleaning today since I’ll be in the house all day.  Not muc else going on in Lair land.  I hope every one has a good day whatever you are doing.  Lair

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    Hi All, We went to DDIL’s parent’s house for dinner yesterday. Our DS cooked all the different meats on the grill. After dinner we went outside and they lit some sparklers, firecrackers, bottle rockets, other things. They were saving the better fireworks for after dark. We should have stayed. We went to the fireworks in a town south of us last night. We got there an hour and 20 min. before they started. After they were over I told DH, “Remind me to not come to these fireworks next year.” It was very cool with a breeze. I had on long pants, shirt, long sleeved shirt, and a windbreaker jacket, and I was wrapped with a blanket. I guess the worst part was that we had a whole bunch of kids standing in front of and sitting on the tailgate of the pickup beside us and the things we heard were sad. The girls were just as foul mouthed as the guys. They never shut up for a moment while the fireworks were going off. We heard a few people clapping when there were fireworks that were especially nice. The one airhead girl kept saying, “They’re not over.” DUH, if any of them had paid attention to the fireworks they might have figured out why they were clapping, but probably not. When we left I told DH, “I hope my kids never acted like that in public.”

    The ear is no different, and the cough is still hanging on. Night air at the fireworks last night sure didn’t help it either. I have a physical with my regular Dr. in 9 days, so I’ll see what she says about all this then.

    Lair, I’m glad to hear that Tim got his raise. He sure deserves it. Too bad they didn’t give him some back pay also.

    Carol, I had to go back reading and you sure had a nice pic of GD and her horse. They grow up so fast. They find out soon enough about how far money REALLY goes in the real world. DS is getting stressed about money as they are trying to pay off the big bill for their baby coming by C-section. The insurance didn’t pay as well as they thought. He just got hired for a second job. He’s hoping to get caught up sooner than later.

    Dena, I’ll send along prayers for you and your mom to have a less stressful meeting. I know you said you were taking your DS and I see that didn’t happen. {{HUGS}} to help you get through this.

    It’s Saturday and I work the next two days, so you all have a good time.

    I have two pictures to share from Wednesday. This was Brylie’s first fishing trip to the pond. This is only about a third of the pond. I guess I didn’t upload the picture of DDIL’s catfish.


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