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    Karen ~~~ If you are in need of bottled water, please let me know .  I am only about 30 miles from you and even tho’ people have been coming from your area to buy water, I have some on hand and have access to plenty more.

    You have only to let me know and we ll bring it to you or meet you between here and your home .  We would be glad to help out in any way we can.

    What all of you up North are going thru is very scary as far as I am concerned and I don t understand how the officials think they will get this cleared up and safe for human consumption any time soon.

    If you need water, let me know ~~~ I will share my e-mail addy and phone # with you to make arrangements ….

    Marilyn :)

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    Good evening all.  I have been having super busy days.  Ever since I got back from the Bus Trip I have been going non-stop.  I have finally got the back bedroom closet washed out and I can start putting things back in the closet tomorrow.  Then I can start moving furniture from the Master bedroom and closet to get that ready for new carpet.  DH and I picked up the stone for in front of the fireplace this afternoon.  So darn much going on right now.

    It sure sounds like many of us are having issues with these new high tech machines..LOL.  Weed Whackers can be a pain in the butt when you have to rewind the spools yourself.  Getting the spools out and then making sure you get them back in correctly can be frustrating.  I bought a black and decker and I have not used it yet, for I have had no time to get out there to do something. I did some things yesterday outside, but I need to do so much more.

    Stella and Bette, sounds like you both had a fun day with the grandkids.  One has to do that occasionally, for it keeps us young.

    Charlene, my grass is dormant in places too.  We have been getting rain, but not enough to keep the grass green.  Have you heard anything yet from your doctor?

    Karen and Kathy, I hope your water issues get resolved real soon.  It sucks when our water is not good for drinking or when we just don’t have any due to communication glitches.  How can they say you can take a shower or do laundry, but yet it isn’t good for anything else?  I don’t think I would want to take a shower in water that isn’t any good to drink.

    Wendy, I hope you can get that thing to work soon.  If not, send it back.

    Well I am bushed.  I gotta get to bed and get some sleep.  Nite all.


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