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    Good Morning,  Its a warm morning and the sun is shinning, its 67* going to a high of 82* and a chance of showers.  We really need some rain, the last little bit of rain was July 16 and then only .10.  We now are behind in rainfall, who would think that, after 6″ in one week.

    Short and sweet as I got to head to town this morning.

    Alma,  Cute story on the sign, glad you enjoyed visiting with friend.

    Mary and Snow,  Take care girls and feel better soon.

    Dena,  Don’t work too hard this week.

    Sandy, Did you work the weekend??

    Well I will be back later, Carol

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    Good Morning Carol,  looks like you guys were posting at the same time.  Lair

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    Sandy K.
    Sandy K.

    Morning, good so far :-) I slept till 11:00 ya no phone calls no door bells which is a first in my book lol. Not sure what i have planned for the day but I have to return Amy’s caddy and stop at the store . I really need to transplant some plants but I’m holding off for a bit cooler weather .I got a weeping cherry tree that needs to be moved I just don’t know where I’m going to put it lol. I was thinking about making a new bed in the front yard and placing it there .

    Carol yes I worked this weekend and we got rain both days lol . Sunday was quite the down pour . Not sure if we got all that much where I live but I know we got some .

    Lair what are you up to today ? would seem to me you should be catching up on the weeding pretty good by now .

    well off to drop off the car . Take care & God Bless

    sandy k

    I’ll try and get back tonight .

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    No Memory, Had to go back to profile to see what sign I had shared.

    It was a little card I made when I didn’t have voice from my MG, coughing too much from allergies and eating.  4×5” Having a busy sales and service of sewing machines I needed a voice!

    *Mary – hope yours is better today.

    My little card:

    Hi, how may I help you?

    No voice, but I can hear.

    PTL for meds to keep that in control – but now all of the meds have caused acid reflux that has eaten up one side of vocal cords. Bummer.

    The Lord is saying, listen more and talk less.

    That rain – 1/2” yesterday really helped the grass and plants.

    I had a nice bowl of cereal with fresh Aronia Berries on top.

    The largest crop yet. I did prune 1/3 out early in the spring and that really helped.

    They are similar to blueberries – but equal in nutrition and good on yogurt, cereal and other fresh desserts.

    They don’t take special soil as they are native bushes. Pretty white blooms in spring and rusty red leaves in the fall.  But last year after I took 2 pix we had a wind storm and it took them all of. Not much time to enjoy.

    Have a great week enjoying your garden and plants! Alma

    <*)~// Tealbird

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    Good evening all-

    Had a busy day yesterday and am off to the races again tonight.  Never ends with the stuff in the garden coming in.  I really need to get on the Jalapenos.  I haven’t had time.  I did blanch 5 qts of green beans last night.

    Weather has been real nice.  I noticed it is very Muggy out and was listening to a Canadian station on the way home and they are calling for a storm to move through the area tonight.

    My side of the family had a reunion yesterday and it pretty much tied me up most of the day.  Wasn’t gonna go but BF kept nagging me to go because he has never been.  Reunion’s seem to be at a bad time of year, because of gardening etc.    In the end, glad I went.  My Grandmother’ s sister (last sibling alive) was there and it’s hard to believe she’s 96 yrs. old.  She brought along at lot of family stuff and pictures.  I swear, my hair color was different every year.  LOL!  The funniest one was the big hair era.    I wished I would have asked what year we were in for the reunion.  I thought it originated in the 60’s.


    Mary-I hope you feel better and shake this crud once and for all.

    Carol-I am with you on the rain.  We got some Saturday but everything else has danced around us.  We need a good steady rain.

    Snow-Hope your tests come out great and you get back to feeling normal.

    Lair-Anything new with house?  Do you ever feel like you are on a never ending mission of chores.  you keep yourself quite busy to the point your back and knees say enough.

    Alma-You reminded me of a name tag I once saw that said “I’m sorry, I don’t remember your name either.”

    Sandy-Yep, I would hold off on moving the tree too.  Maybe fall would be better.  They keep saying we are gonna have rain but again it has been all around us.

    Well gotta get the gloves out and start working on those Jalapenos.  Have a Great night all.

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