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    Earlier this evening, we had a fast and furious, raging hailstorm that pounded marble-sized hail against our metal roof so fiercely it sounded like a freight train. I’m in the inland northwest, and I’ve never seen hail this large.

    Caused some damage in the garden, including breaking off the tray from a hummingbird feeder. It broke the stems of several of my zinnias. Wind blew most of the water out of the birdbath and overturned the solar fountain.

    While that was pretty disconcerting, what has me more concerned are those raging wildfires in Washington state. If they continue to progress eastward, they could enter the north Idaho panhandle, and hubby and I could be in real trouble.

    Still a few heavy-hanging thunder clouds, but not the solid mass that was present earlier.

    Tomorrow, I’ve got a job on my hands, clipping off the damaged stems from the flowers and getting another hummingbird feeder.

    Never a dull moment!




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    sorry about the damage that you have had in your area.


    we are just plain hot here in utah.  it was 102 today.  i feel swo sorry about the folks in washington with all the wildfires.  we have a few but not as many and not as big.

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    Sorry for the hail damage and do hope the fires don’t enter your area.  Never know what kind of weather will hit us anytime.  Some years worse than others.  Cooled off here last night and is refreshing this morning and high in low 70’s, so comfortable and mugginess has left for a few days anyway.

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    And, this hail didn’t just drop from the sky. It was hurled by very strong winds, so that it went beyond just pelting us and strongly bombarded everything. It was hurled into our window panes, but didn’t break any of them because we have layered tempered glass, and much of the onslaught was blocked or broken by the roof overhangs.

    It knocked one of the small bird feeders from its supports on the pole, and tore off the tray from a hummer feeder. It also broke off some of the perching bars from a second feeder.

    The damage in the garden is recoverable. Once I clip off the broken stems, the rest of the plants should put up new growth. Miraculously, my tall snapdragons were unscathed, partly because they are supported by sturdy stakes.

    We have ominous looking skies today. And it’s still very windy. I’m not putting the solar fountain back in the birdbath until the winds die down, as they’ll just blow it over, again.

    Just think what could have happened if those hailstones were any larger! They could have broken the windshields on our vehicles. In the midwest where they get golf ball size hail, that has been known to happen.

    So, on the bright side, we were fortunate …



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