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    Jill Staake
    Jill Staake

    Hey all – I’m looking for clever ideas for interesting kids of any age in birding. I’d like to feature the best ones in an upcoming blog post here on the site. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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    The only one I had gotten interested in birding grew up, sure miss those days! We always walked a road that goes down to the river and she would imitate this one bird the whole time and he would answer her. Think it was a nuthatch and she was so good at it. She always has had a close connection with birds and animals, they seem to know she loves them all.

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    I took my grandson a goldfinch feeder and some finch seed. We went out and hung the feeder.  I told him he had to make sure the cats or animals couldn’t get to it. So we got a feeder pole instead of a tree limb.  Within a few minutes a goldfinch was on it. He always said he wondered what was singing. Well he found out quickly.  When he comes up to visit us, he fills all the feeders now, cleans out the bird bath, fills the suet, and waits to see what birds come.  I guess just starting him out did it…

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    All joking aside, when working in the office I often brought in my previously read Birds & Blooms magazines. They seemed to be a big hit & I often gave the B&B’s to a child (or parent;-) so they could finish reading when they got home. I’d often hear later that the interest in the B&B magazine created an outdoor excursion &/or provided an opportunity for parent & child to bond. Always a good feeling.

    Not so surprisingly I also happened to have a seed catalog with me on more than one occasion :-0  And a client & I were discussing a new vacation home he & his wife had just built & how he now wanted to place wildflowers (instead of grass) in all of the unearthed ground surrounding the home site.

    I told him that I happened to have a wildflower seed catalog with me. He then said, oh no, I need to do some serious planting. I need to buy wildflower seeds in bulk! Well yes, of course you do, I said,  that’s why you should take a look at this catalog called, ‘Wildflower Farm Seeds’.

    I gave him the catalog. He ordered a bunch of ‘Wildflower Farm’ seed. And then he & his wife planted the seed. Sometimes just sharing information or providing a solid link works out best:-)

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    When a local couple was having a baby shower, I got the little-tyke-to-be a DVD, children’s storybook and coloring book that a lady in our area put together about a Canada Goose named “Lucy” that she had found injured and her family had rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

    The DVD could be played for the child almost immediately, while the storybook could be read to him or her when a little older. The child and parents could do the coloring book together once the kid was old enough.

    Point is, it was a gift that would keep on giving, and hopefully spark an interest in and appreciation for birds.

    I’m  counting on the fascination and wonder factor as the kid begins to experience his world.

    Turned out, the couple had a boy. I tried to plant a seed. I can only hope it takes. Can’t begin too young, in my  opinion.





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    When my sons were young, we would go on drives out in the country to find hawks. They loved this, and we always saw something interesting…sometimes it would be hawks, sometimes vultures, killdeer or some other birds. We would go to a nature center and see the woodland birds and learn their songs. My oldest son got to help (mostly observe) bird-banding through our Parks Department when he was about 10…He loved that, but they stopped doing that by the time my youngest was old enough. We loved  Birds and Blooms magazines for the lovely photos, and I still keep those for my 2-year old granddaughter who loves birds,and knows  a goldfinch and blue jay. She likes to watch feeder cams and videos of birds and other wildlife.

    I think starting young is the key.

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