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    Marnee… Your yard sure is looking like wintertime. That poor robin is thinking why didn’t I go south.


    Gayle… Those tulips are so pretty. I have been thinking spring since October lol.


    Donna… That plant is a beauty. Sure will be glad to have lots of beautiful flowers in bloom again.


    Marnee… You got some good pictures of the hummers in the snow. I am just amazed at seeing hummingbirds in the snow.


    Julie… I love that beautiful azalea. Sure hope it survives your winter but….. well I hope it makes it. Your tulips are also beautiful.


    Rob… What  a beautiful spring looking  picture. Now thats what I am so anxious to see again.


    Gitti… Thats some beautiful crocus. When I see them in bloom I know spring is getting closer and closer.


    Charlene… Those sweet smelling hyacinths are beautiful. They are probably about the first flower in the spring to fill the air with that sweet fragrance.


    Stella… That amaryllis is a beauty. Looks like you are getting better and better with your camera. 


    Sandy M… Ahhh zinnias and phlox. Now thats a nice combination of some great flowers. I may have to try something like that this summer.


    Ili… Nice picture of the rain. No wonder you haven’t had any rain. I know where its all been this winter and I was tired of it till I found out what we are supposed to get on Wednesday.


    Thanks everyone for all of these great pictures and comments today.





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