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    Steve is that your church in the picture….if so I bet you could sell some of them or have them made into Christmas cards for some of the members for next year….Beautiful picture and I bet you were the only nut ( ‘cuse me) I mean person out at this time and for a fact the only one out taking a picture. but glad you did.

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    Gayle… That was a pretty flower bed. I sure am going to be glad when spring arrives and this winter, cold and snow will only be a bad memory.


    Julie… Your deck really looks good. You have some pretty flowers and plants there as well…. No snowman building here.


    Marnee… Looks like you had a quiet a bit of snow. I think that robin is happy to see your snow leave and is even happier to see that green grass.


    Charlene… Those are some really pretty baskets on the fence. Sounds like you have lots of plants to water. I’m sure it kept you busy.


    Noreen… You sure do have a pretty lily. I planted some Oriental Lilies this past fall and I am really looking forward to seeing those.


    Stella… Pretty amaryllis. Those are fun to grow, especially this time of year. Looks like your doing pretty well with that camera. 


    Leslie… Sorry about the pine limb in your garden but its a part of winter. But on the bright side I hear we are supposed to have some much warmer days next week. (someones off work on those days too)


    Ili… Good picture of the corner of your courtyard. Thats some nice looking plants you have in there as well.


    Rob… You sure had lots of that evil white stuff. I’m so done with what we got already lol………..Nope no steeple on my house. Some folks say the only pointed things around here are on top of my head.


    Gayle… That angel bed sure did look good. Hopefully you can find more angel statues to stick in there.


    Giddey… What a pretty flower and its such a beautiful bright red too. Don’t think I’ve saw one of those before.


    Sandy M… Nice looking alium. I always like seeing purple and lavender blooms.


    Janet… I like that road. Looks like in the summer it would be a nice shady place for a walk.  Those are also good snow and flower pictures….. No thats not the church I go to. Its out at the highway and across the road. 


    Thanks everyone for all of todays great pictures and comments.





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Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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