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    That is hilarious!  Donna, below the Reply box is a box called ‘Tags’.  There is a code in it that belongs to you, I believe.  I thought when I posted your snowman would show up on my reply too.  But it didn’t.

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    Donna…He just won’t leave me alone….like he is my shadow……lol.  Sue said on the chit chat that she posted my snowman picture on Facebook….HELLO….this is Donna’s picture.


    It would be explainable if you were perhaps helping me but you were not…..what I really want to know is how did he make it across the border without a passport??????



    I DID not get him a passport…..but he seems to have found a home here….lol. Charlene

     photo 100_1493.jpg

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    Donna… Now thats some beautiful blooms. Thats a great way to remind us of what we have to look forward to when summer arrives.


    Gayle… Looks like your daffodil bed was off to a good start. I bet by now its really looking good in the spring. Those orange and white daffodils look really good too.


    Sandy M… Yes those lilacs will sure be smelling good when spring finally arrives. Thats a pretty lilac and one of my favorite parts of spring (other than warm weather) is the great fragrances of flowers.


    Sue… Oh me that is a lot of the evil white stuff there. At least last year you could see hope for spring with those little yellow crocus peeking through.


    Giddey… What a pretty phlox that is. You always have such pretty flowers. You or your wife one does a really good job with them.


    Stella… Your amaryllis is a beautiful flower. Looks to me like your doing great with your new camera. 


    Charlene… Your first tulip bed picture looks like cold and frozen but that second picture is a beautiful bed of tulips.


    Charlene… Honest I didn’t do that. But I do have one thing to say about it……..super happy dance emoticon


    Gitti… Kinda looks to me like maybe your collecting some snow there lol. I’m sure your looking forward to that spring picture…. You have a really nice looking home as well.


    Noreen… That really is a beautiful daffodil bed. And yes I for sure am hoping to see those soon.


    Charlene… I just gotta say it one more time………….super happy dance emoticon


    Thanks everyone for these great pictures and comments. And thanks to the person that done such a great thing with those knives as well lol.



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