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    Donna… That is such a pretty flower even if it does have sort of a goofy name. Its such a bright color.


    Leslie… Sure hate to hear about your birdbath but I guess if thats the worst damage you had then you came out pretty well.


    Gayle… Your phlox and cosmos look good together. Those yellow flowers kinda looks like little balls of sun.


    Marnee… Those are some pretty roses. Good job the way you have those pictures framed.


    Sandy M… What a nice pretty red rose. Isn’t it going to be nice to get a good sniff of them in bloom again.


    Charlene… Wow I see lots of snow in your picture…………but are you sure theres a grill under there somewhere lol. That second picture is full of beautiful flowers.


    Gitti… Those are nice red roses. That warm bright sunshine sure would be welcome by me about now.


    Noreen… Such pretty roses. I’m amazed at theses roses without Japanese beetles eating them all up.


    Stella… Thats a beautiful dark red rose. Isn’t it nice how it only takes one rose to make a nice flower vase.


    Giddey… Your container sure has got some pretty flowers in there. I’m going to have to learn to make some nice containers like  some of you folks on here do.


    Janet… Who ever took that cardinal picture captured a really good picture and thats a really pretty heart tree.


    Ili… Now thats a great start to the spring growing season. Not sure what kind of flower that is but it sure is pretty.


    Karen… That sure is some big icicles. I bet you were glad to be home icicles or no icicles. We’re all glad your back as well.


    Janet… The frog mug will make for a good place to grow something. Hope we get to see pictures when you something growing in there.


    Thanks everyone for this weeks great pictures and comments. Saturday Gayle will be starting a new picture post and we’ll resume this one on Monday.



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Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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