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    Good Morning,  Its a sunny start to this Friday morning, it was to rain, but I guess it missed us.  We have 44* going to a high of 54*.  I am tired this morning, don’t know why slept good.  Yesterday was a little rough on me, in the morning, I fell off the little ladder, I was on the second step.  I can’t say fell, I was stepping down, thinking I was on the first step, and I went into the freezer, not sure what else I hit, but my side is very sore in 2 spots.  So I didn’t get hardly anything done, except going to the track meet.  I still am sore this morning,  I keep looking for black and blue marks, as if Ray see’s them, I am in trouble, he will take my little ladder away from me..  It just happened, no big deal, didn’t hurt my legs, just my one side.  Did get the living dusted, that’s about it.  Ashley got 2nd in long jump out of maybe 12 girls.  I am going to be so busy, Monday Gage has a track meet, so come some weeks, I will have 4 track meets in one week.  I am not travelling a long way this year.  Then come May, Kaylee will be having horse shows.  So guess what, the yard will be taking a back seat.  I guess that’s one reason why I cleaned and cleaned last winter.

    Lair,  You go ahead and vent we all do it.

    Dena,  Pretty funny, I didn’t see you complete post until this morning, all I got was Good Morning.  Strange.

    Mary,  I am happy for you get to see grandbaby, she grows fast I bet.

    Alma,  glad to see you popped in.

    Need to go and get some breakfast and see what I can do this morning.


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    Good Morning Carol and all to follow,  It is sunny and 36* going up to 50 this afternoon.  Well today was to be a quite day for me just smoking a turkey for my buddy.  All that changed late yesterday.  Tim called and wants me to go to the Dr. with him @ 2 pm.  I didn’t even know he had a Dr. appointment.  He has never asked me to go before so I have some concerns.  May be nothing.  Then about 7 the antique dealer called and said he has changed his mind on some things and wants to come back today.  I couldn’t say no so that will be part of my day too.  So I overslept an hour this morning, great way to get started.  While waiting for the coffee and the dog to come back in I took my meds.  Tim brought a can of mixed nuts home and they set on the counter.  Well, for some unknown reason when I popped the pills in my mouth I started chewing them like nuts.  What an awful taste and nothing to wash them down with, I still have a bad taste in my mouth.  Getting old is not so much fun. All dry and wrinkled up on the outside and all stiff and sore on the inside.  All things still come natural but you have no control when they will happen.  Well I’ll have to cut this short and go out and get the smoker ready.  I should make a quick run through and pick up the house but if I don’t get that done it is no big deal.  Carol, I hope you are OK after your ladder break dance.  You all tell me to stay off them but now you see it isn’t so easy.  They just run up and say “climb me”.  

    Well, I better run.  You all have a good Friday or should that be 2 goods. A good Good Friday.   Lair

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    Hi All, It’s a beautiful, sunny day at 58º and I have to go to work. I have my coffee cake made and cooling. Called kids, talked to one, left message with the other. I did call the gal the gal that picked up my Sunday next week and asked if she found out about her Easter plans. She said she would ALSO pick up the 6-10 part of my shift next Sat. (Jumping for JOY!!! don’t have to get up at 4:30 to get to baptism next Sunday) Now, if I can find someone willing to do the 2-6 (not holding my breath) I’ll have a 4 day weekend. I got Brylie some clothes, and a card for Easter. I also got a card and a little Guardian Angel statue for her baptism next week. I may just give it all to her tomorrow. Man, I can’t wait to get my grubby grandma mitts on her. I haven’t seen her since Mar. 31, so I can’t imagine how much she has change by now.

    Lair, I busted out laughing when I read about you MUNCHING on your pills. I know I shouldn’t laugh, but I couldn’t help it.

    Carol, I know the missing steps. You gotta be careful; we don’t want you to be laid up for spring and summer fun.

    Well, gotta get my scrubs out of the dryer, so Happy Easter to you All.

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    Accidents do happen – and there is no re-do! Try to stay safe. That is what others keep telling me.

    I was feeling so good after PT on hip. Then I did it over again.

    I trip on cords.  Knocked of heating pad and then tripped over the loop in that cord. Hit right knee and then fell twisting and sliding down the sewing cabinet door.   The handle left a long mark and bruise where I hit. That was a week ago and made it to chio.  The scabs looks good, but the bruise where I first hit is big.

    Still having fun watching snails.   I got old, move slow – unless I’m prepping for a fall- and it doesn’t take much to make me happy.  As long as I have my chocolate. LOL Alma


    <*)~// Tealbird

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    well I will be working for another year.  Norm doesn’t think we will get the contract as he feels our bid is too high.  Well we shall see.  It doesn’t matter to me.  We had this contract before for almost 2 yrs.

    Today was busy even tho I didn’t have to work.  Had to make a trip to the bank & have them type up 2 letters & hopefully this time MedicareBlue RX will accept the letter to withdraw the monthly prescription premium out of my savings account.  The damned form says to send a void deposit slip–done that twice & they won’t accept that.  Hopefully the 3rd time will be a charm.

    Hope everybody has a good Easter–our plans keep changing–so I don’t know for sure what we are doing.

    Anyway have a good one



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    Sandy K.
    Sandy K.

    The funeral was beautiful  ,very short but such nice surroundings and the geese were singing their good byes all threw it . As I figured David’s brother didn’t talk to me at all but his sister (that I have never met ) did talk to my sister . Asked if she was Sandy lol , Mari said no and Shelly said well if I don’t get a chance to talk to her tell her I said Thank you for taking care of my brother . I thought that was sweet .It was a small crowd and they didn’t read the eulogy we sent (if it was sent) .That disappointed me but all in all David would have been proud that it turned out so well. His nitch over looks the lake & he was buried in a box that he had given to Brian years ago . It was brown with scroll work on the top and sides . At the memorial they had most everything from his room set up. There were pictures of family and friends and I don’t know why but of his ex wife too lol.  Bet david would have loved that lol. We only had about a handful of people show up .The ride there wasn’t bad except I had the two teens and they kept bickering about nothing ,I got to the point I told them to shut up ,I was stressed enough without having to contend with them . On the way to the memorial the car was completely silent lol. I’m glad that part is  over now to contend with the dang bill collectors . Iv’e  taken to screening my calls lol. I got one yesterday from the share care company stating that Davids bed was not paid for (after he told me it was ) and that they would call back to make arrangements  for pick up .I  called the lady I gave it to and explain to her .I will just have them pick it up from her house . I so wish he would have been up front with me on all this stuff . Enough said .

    Yesterday I went out and took all my stress ,anger, and aggression out on the wood pile and hauled wood into the wood room I have about a cord and 1/2 in there now .I fill the holder in the house then proceeded to rake out the front garden . I was still ticked so I pulled out garbage cans cleaned around them and started stacking some siding wood I got last year in that spot . I’ll find another spot for garbage  closer to the door for next winter .Chris just stopped in and I will finish this later . 

    Wow he came over to split some wood with the lil ones in tow .So I  got out their bikes and I started working on taking some pallets apart . Oh forgot had a women stop in this morning asking about Amanda’s bench. She wants to buy it and Amanda told her that I had made it as a gift but she could see if I would make her one lol. The lady wants four of them by Memorial weekend . I have no idea what to charge for them .  Guess I will have to make another one and do a break down of what it costs me to make lol. Chris is going to start helping out with making wood stuff with me so it should be interesting how this all comes out lol.

    Carol do we have to start yelling at you like we do Lair?  You be more careful lord knows you don’t want Ray to take away your ladder .I hope your not bruised up to much and the soreness goes away .Your going to be busy trying to keep up with those grands lol. 

    Lair I  can smell that turkey from here yum . I hope it is nothing with Tim he’s already going threw a lot . Hey I swear I didn’t laugh about the pills but not to the giggling I did .:-)  I hope the taste is gone now . I hope you make good money with your furniture .

    Mary B going to be an exciting weekend for you . I know your going to just hug up on that baby but don’t be squeezing anything out lol. I’m glad you got people to cover your shifts . I hope you get lots of pictures for her first Easter .

    Elma I hope your ok now ,that had to be scary . How’s your babies doing ? Eating lots of lettuce and crawling all over their bowl I imagine . I can’t remember their names but for some reason sam sticks in my mind lol. I hope you get lots of chocolate for Easter lol.

    Jan I have missed seeing you here , sounds like your feeling better now . Do you want to work for another year ? What a pain having to keep sending in the same paper work and then they treat us like we are the dizzy ones lol. I hope it goes threw for you this time .


    Well this has taken me most of the day to get done so I will say ado . 

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend  & God Bless 

    Sandy k. 

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