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    I am stay at home…retired and love it.

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    I work 3 days a week most of the time.  It’s a flower shop, so holidays, I work more, and sometimes, I fill in a day here and there.  I like my time off, but I like doing that, too.


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    Stay at home mom is the oldest profession for women in the world!

    I taught Home Ec and General science for 3 years – 55 years ago.

    Then I had a year at home and then had many more years being a full time mother. Those were the greatest years.

    When DD started in 4H I decided if I had to be there – but just to answer questions – I volunteered to be textiles & clothing leader for 9 years,  What a fun time we had. It was the height of poly – knits. I fixed up 6 cards with swatches of fabric – all the same. Could hand to the members and have them decide – woven – knit – cotton or poly.  Did a lot of textile  education.

    One afternoon I had 3 girls over to do a sewing project. All 3 were left handed. I had one my first year of teaching and told me I couldn’t teacher her how to sew.  Did  she want to learn? Yes – so I taught her how to sew. And she was a natural.

    Then I was at the state fair in DM and told a lady how I helped a student from Singer class needed to learn how to make buttonholes in her project. She asked if I was in a hurry, No I was with My MIL and she needed to sit for a while.

    A bearded man came out and asked me so many questions and then a little personal – so I asked him why the questions.  would I be interested in teaching sewing at the Singer store? would I?

    He told me to come in to the Singer store on Monday AM with my resume’. I was – but he had been transferred to the DM store. Took me 6 months but I got the job. Taught ladies and men how to use new machines – that was my favotite. Teens and older women were in other classes.

    Two and half years later they were closing the Co stores and getting dealers.  I was in getting the last lesson ready and the district sales manager was walking out the door – so I held it open for him. Alma, Why don’t you buy the store? What? Was he serious? The then DH had said when he was nearer ready to retire we should look for one and they were asking me to buy – local!!!???

    We had lived in Atlantic for 16 tears and Pete served all of SW Iowa – helping farmers inturpet their records to improve yields.

    Two weeks from that day the Lord and I opened the store!!! 9 – 7 – 79 an easy date to remember.  Did that for 25+ years.

    Retired 8.5 years ago. still service some sewing machines.

    On of the fun questions from customers was, Do you have a man to fix sewing machines? NO! What will we do? Well I will service them!! Oh, Maybe that will be better anyway.

    Didn’t get tired enough in those years

    so I Re-Tired!! LOL

    I have had a good life and enjoyed it most of the time!!! Alma

    <*)~// Tealbird

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    Had jobs in my younger days .  Now retired  but still work PT.  Usually only a few days a month.  It varies.

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    I worked for many years retired when we moved here 23 years ago, Baby sat  2 sets of girls after school so that took up about 12 years,  seems I work harder now than I did when I had kids and worked, I could still put in 8 hours a day if I had to but sure couldn’t be on my feet that long anymore,


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    Wow!  Tealbird, love your story!  Retired here, worked til about 4 yrs ago!  Went out on disability prior to retiring!  Dont miss the stress, especially re bad weather cond when they think you should come in to work!  Also ht ated worrying about the car always runningc well to drive it to work!  Love staying home!  I am never bored!

    All of you who have replied so far have led such interesting working-lives!

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    Retired.Love playing with my plants & my cats. Birds & Blooms is so enjoyable to read & look at the beautiful photos.

    Linda Bridges

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    Welcome, Linda!

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    Jo Ann
    Jo Ann

    Welcome Linda Bridges!

    I worked full time until I retired 9 years ago. Gosh, I can’t believe it’s been that long! Then I worked part-time until about 5 years ago.  I had a hard time adjusting when I first retired.  I felt guilty when I didn’t have anything to do.  Ben and I don’t generate lots of housework.  Our soil is hard and compacted, so we can’t garden.  We do have some flower beds, but it doesn’t take long to take care of those. Now I just play on the computer or read when I get caught up without feeling guilty.

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    I loved reading everyone’s posts…

    My goodness I was going back through all I had done, places I worked… sure a lot of them…best job I had was staying home with my sons.  I did that when the youngest turned 3.. stayed home until they were 12 and 14… then went to work part time.  Wanted to be there but we needed the money too.  I worked all retail but a couple of years restaurant work.  When they both started college, I went to work for WM…. was going to stay for 5 years, get the boys done with college, then quit.. But then life changed, got divorced, so I stayed, but the got remarried, to the same one… dumb…. stayed working… because I got divorced once again… smart this time….and retired 2 years ago… after almost 22 year with WM….

    I have so much to do right now I have no idea how I would get it done with working, maybe when we sell the farm I can slow down a

    Welcome Linda…. I hope you join us more and more… check out my daily picture post in Backyard Chat… its a great place to see wonderful photos..


    Sharon, Catsbirds, Community Team Member
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    Wow, Posy, this post takes me on a (long) trip down memory lane, for sure … LOL !!!  Makes me truly stop and think about my past ….

    At 12, I started babysitting Mon., Tues. and Thurs. evenings and all day on Saturdays for various families in our small hometown.

    When I was 15, a lady at our church asked me if I would be interested in working in her retail store in town.  I worked there until I married at 19.

    When youngest DD started school, I was bored at home so started working at our local Sears store (just for a year to see if I could keep a job… LOL ) and ended up retiring from there last year with 38 years of service.

    Now, I wonder how I worked and kept up with everything here at home ….


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    Just Mari

    Retired now and have been since the greenhouse closed in July 5 years ago. Before that I retired from my beauty shop, was home for 4 years – did not like retirement 1 bit.  Then we owned 2 businesses in town and worked 8 – 6 six days a week but retired when we sold them but went happily back to work for my friend who owned a greenhouse and was there for 6 or 7 years (less than 3 month in the spring only) till the owners started down-sizing & closed our outlet.  Now I like retirement.  I always say the first 2 times didn’t take – it took me 3 tries till I got it right. But I was pretty young so maybe that had something to do with it. The last time I retired I wasn’t even 60. 

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    Worked as soon as I graduated High School and was never out on any type of disability, just normal sick days.  They let we work at home in 1994 and I did that until I retired in 2000.  I have not been bored, enjoy my birds, reading and just enjoying life.  I’ve been retired 14 years now with my pension and two years ago I started collecting SS. So life is good.  I feel truly blessed.

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    I’m not yet 50, though soon to be, so too young to retire.  I work 28-32 hours a week, enough for me. :)

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    I’m supposed to be retired but I get up and take son to work and then pick him back up in the evening. I raised 7 children, went to work when the youngest was about to start kindergarten, retired at the age of 55. Worked a short time when I got my divorce and before my son returned home to live with me, then I was eligible for SS. I would love a 10 a.m. to 2 p.m job but can’t find anyone hiring for those hours. LOL

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