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    Good evening everyone!  A perfect day to work outdoors.  We had no humidity, and no rain.  Lots of sun though…yes!!!!!

    I’m not going into detail what I did all day, but it was fun.  Maybe because I did not work in my flower beds for a couple of days, I appreciated the time I spent today.

    While I was stacking up weeds to put into garbage bags, I spotted a butterfly on the cement foundation of the house.  Wow, was I excited.  At first I was sure it was a Monarch.  So like a banshee I ran inside and prepared a fruit platter and placed it on the table.  Then I took a slice of pineapple and placed it on the soil about a foot from the wall.  Well it was not a Monarch, but the poor butterfly looked beaten up.  His wings looked worn out.  Here he is…..

    The only insect that touched the fruit platter was a Bald Faced Hornet…

    I then went to check out the front flower beds, and there was a friendly bumble bee fooling around on the echinacea.  So I decided to try my luck petting the bumble bee.  There is a story attached to this.  Last year my neighbor showed me how to pet bumble bees.  She claimed they do not sting.  I tried it last year and sure enough…no sting.  So I decided to pet this one today.  I think I might have pressed a tad heavily on it’s butt because it decided to fly away.  Maybe it was prudish about all this….LOL.

    Then I saw a few birds today.  Maybe my whining did help.

    I bought another Reader’s Digest books on North American Wildlife.  So during my lunch break I browsed through it.  Wow…talk about a good deal.  The book was inexpensive and the information unbelievable.

    How was your day?





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    Good evening!  Our weather today was lovely.  It was nothing like end of July weather, but I loved it none the less.  For such a great day, I have yet to make it outside.  I’ll wander out here in a little bit before dark.  I still need to find a few more things to dry and press before DM’s visit tomorrow.  I want to have some things to show her that have worked for me.

    I guess I mostly did some housework stuff and worked on my genealogy mess today.  One of the books I ordered for my Kindle was a history book from a nearby county that I hoped had information on some family members in it.  It did and that was exciting!  I also stumbled upon my grandfather’s WWI draft registration card as well.  I have searched for that before and came up empty handed.  This time I got lucky.  That has happened a couple of times for me.  If I just put something away and try again later, I can find success.  Maybe I just try too hard.

    I have a couple of things I want to watch on television tonight, then I need to head to bed as early as I can.  Last night DSis#5 returned my phone call a bit late and we talked until 1 am.  I’m way too old for that sort of stuff anymore.  LOL!

    Stella, I love finding butterflies just hanging out and allowing me to get pictures of them.  I’m sorry this one looked a little beat up.  I always wonder what happened to them when I see that sort of thing.

    Have a good night!

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    Good evening all. Rain showers today but the sun came out before it started to set tonight. I watched the hummingbirds enjoying the bee balm this evening. It was hard to follow them with the binoculars. Tomorrow evening I plan to plant myself out there and watch them close up.

    My new Worx lawn trimmer arrived today and is charging. I am looking forward to trying it out tomorrow. I may take before and after pictures. If I don’t chew up the garden borders that is. I’ll practice first on some hidden spots first.

    I have a book to finish then it’s off to bed. Have a great night all.

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    Wendy I gave my Worx Trimmer a real work out today, I charged it twice and it is ready now for another round tomorrow. I hope you like yours as much as I do mine. I mowed most of the day, had problems with the mower, then I decided there was some water in the gas. By the time I figured that out I was almost finished. More trimming tomorrow but it at least looks like humans live here again.

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