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    Good evening all!  I’m late posting.  I just got back from the movie theatre.  I wanted to see Helen Mirren’s new movie.  It certainly is a change from her heavy acting pictures.

    It has been raining the entire day.  Hopefully it will stop soon.  I know the flowers and grass needed it….but not that much.

    I’m taking care of my neighbor’s cat… her house.  So now I have 3 pets to look after.  Love it.

    How was your day?

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    Good evening, Stella.  Please send that rain our way….we our so dry.  I posted elsewhere that our flowering crab has lost all of its leaves because of it.  I am about ready to throw a few containers.  As hard as I try to keep them watered and looking good….it’s not working.  They like rain.

    Stella….I smile when I read about the movies that you go to….how fun for you. I don’t even know the names of new movies much less any actors names.  The last movie we went to was “my big fat greek wedding”……a few years ago, eh?  LOL  I also do not recognize most of the names of TV shows that many on this board watch.  I guess I need to go on a cultural crusade and do something different.  My life is quite hum-drum….but I am content.

    I worked on furniture all morning and then started some cleaning this afternoon.  I made a promise to myself that I am throwing 1 extra bag of garbage every week for a while.  It will eventually make my shop look better…and only 1 bag per week will not raise my garbage rate.  Thursday is garbage day….that is why I did it this afternoon.

    I will soon be heading off to bed….have a good night all!  Charlene

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    Good evening everybody.  We had rain yesterday & real early this morning but none since.

    The mosquito plane came over this morning but if he actually sprayed is debatable.  Nobody sees any difference & usually you can tell right away.

    My niece & her partner bough a house in this community just recently & they wanted me to come over & tell them the name of the plants in their yard.  I went over around 5 & after 15 minutes we had to come back in the house because of the mosquitoes.  I did manage to remember the names of the plants & broke her friend’s heart when I told her she need to prune the B’fly bush next Spring.  LOL  I promised her it would come back better than ever.  Let’s pray it doesn’t prove me wrong.  They are new to gardening & the friend is really getting into it.  I gave her a lesson on deadheading & why to do it .  LOL

    I have one of those 10,000 Garden Questions answered books that I never use anymore so I’m going to give it to them.  I remember how excited I was when I first started gardening & loved those books.   I read it from cover to cover when I got it & it a very thick book.

    The previous owner has two Rose Trees planted in the middle if the back yard & they want rose bushes not rose trees but they are grafted  so no way to make them bushes now.  I gave them some ideas such as making a small bed around them (they are right in the middle of the grass right now) & planting some shorter plants around them to give it a different look or maybe just moving them to a different part of the yard where they will look  better.  She told me when they were blooming she was out there every day looking at them & taking pictures.  Oh yeah, she’s got the bug.

    I never go to the movies anymore.   Too expensive for my budget.

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