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    Good evening all!  What a glorious day.  Not for long.  For the next three days they predict rain.  This was a perfect day to go bird watching.  That is if you see birds….LOL.  I’ll explain.

    I invited my neighbor to come along with me to a provincial park.  It’s about a 20 or 25 minute drive away from here.  There are many sites to visit at this park. There is a swimming pool, an archery area, a castle that is built for children’s games, a nature walk and bicycle path.  During winter months you can cross country ski or snow shoeing.  There are a few natural ponds, and rest areas.

    We left around 9:45 and got back at 4 this afternoon.  After our nature walk, we went out to lunch, and then to get groceries.  My neighbor does not have a car, so this was an opportunity to pick up many items that normally she would not be able to carry.  Anyways, she is Zorro’s dogsitter and I like to reciprocate for all those good times Zorro enjoyed at her house.

    So the story is this…..sure there were a few birds singing, but there were only a few that we could actually see.  I don’t know what it is this year with birds.  There are fewer than ever.  Maybe I’m just not going to the right places.

    I did take many pictures of wildflowers.  I will have to identify them and then I will post them here on the gardening forum.  Hope I find all their names.

    I am so tired.  I know I’m not that good shape as I thought.  Normally my walking 3 hours would not even bother me.  Guess I’m feeling my age…

    How was your day?

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    Sounds like a nice outing!  Anxious to see your pics!  I would be tired, too!

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    Sounds like a nice day with your neighbor, Stella, even if you didn’t see a lot of birds.

    Nothing special going on here.  I worked today & got home around 3.  Rain moved in while I was working & it has rained off & on most of the day but not a lot of accumulation.

    Mostly I’ve either been reading or on the computer.  I did go out & pick a big cucumber before the mosquitoes drove me back in.

    I’ll go see what I can find on TV in a little while.  I like Rizzoli & Isles & Swamp Murders on Tues. nights.

    I’m hoping they spray for mosquitoes tomorrow so I can go outside.

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    Good evening.  It hasn’t felt like a particularly good day today, but it could have been worse.  The temperature was nice and we got a little more rain from a cloud burst.  It was short and sweet.  DM was in quite a mood when she called me today.  That started the day off swimmingly.  I guess I ought to be thankful it was just a phone call.  DSis#4 had to go shopping with her today in that state of mind.  Yikes!!!  Just a little while ago, one of my other sisters called and told me that her son and daughter-in-law’s marriage is in a precarious place right now and she was asking for prayer.  Their situation is really, really messed up.  I seriously question if the marriage can be worked out.  I’m sorry to say that because I know that DN will be crushed if it doesn’t.  I wrote DSon tonight and asked him to give me some ideas for what to get his girlfriend for her birthday.  Mommy needs some retail therapy!  I don’t need anything at the moment for myself so I may as well put my shopping urges to good use.

    Your day spent with the neighbor sounds like it was very nice, Stella.  You are a good friend!

    Gayle, I saw a picture of you tagged on Facebook.  It was really a good one.  You should steal it for yourself!

    Well, DH is back with my chocolate stash so I ought to go.  It has just been that kind of day.  I hope you all have a good night.  We ought to be able to sleep with the windows open tonight.  That will be nice!

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    Hello gang.

    I worked 8.5 hours and then stopped at the storage unit to get a few totes and dropped the totes off at the house. Met my daughter at the garage to drop off my car and get granddaughters car. It was perfect timing for granddaughter to be in Florida with my other daughter so I could use her car. Now I am just kicking back and waiting for something to come on TV.

    Charlene the BFB blooms are fully opened on the one plant and they are a dark purple which makes me very happy! Can’t wait for the blooms to open on the other one to see what color they will be.

    Kathy zone4

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