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    Good evening all!  It ended up being a nice sunny day, but not as warm as I would have liked it.  No…I don’t like extreme heat, but warmer than today.

    My DGD was with me for the day.  We went to the mall, pharmacy, and to McD for lunch.  Then on to a grocery store.  My DD and the boys came over so they could play with their cousin.  We had such a great afternoon.  I’m afraid gardening was not on the list.

    How was your day?



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    Good evening Stella and all. Cooler than I like it for summer too. Nice and sunny today. It is supposed to warm up later this week but 90 degree days are done for another year.

    Everything looks nice outside. It’s nice not having to worry about watering. I marked some plants I want to collect seeds from. There is a pretty aster that I got from the garden center this year as a fill-in that is pretty. The petals are thinner than the others.

    I’m going to read and turn in early. 4:00am comes around quick. Have a great night all.

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    Good evening.  It was a nice day; sunny & warm but not really hot.  Now it is clouding up & supposed to rain.  Of course it is.  I drug the hose all over the yard this afternoon & watered everything.  LOL

    I actually got quite a few smaller jobs done today.  Put away some laundry & ran the stick vacuum over the vinyl floors.

    Like I said I watered everything (I noticed some of the baskets & birdbaths were running pretty dry this morning) .  Cut back all my tall Lily stems & some of  the Peonies.  Things look a little neater with that done.  Dug up 3 rose bushes that weren’t doing well & never have.  Will replace those with the rest of my ginger when it gets cooler.

    I transplanted three Brugs into bigger pots.  They were started from seed (a first for me) & growing really well but not big enough to bloom this year.  I’m hoping to keep them alive over the winter & have mature plants next year.

    I had a couple of Salvia in the front fountain bed that I transplanted from elsewhere a couple of years ago.  They have always looked a little straggly, so now they are history like the roses.

    While watering I happened to look up & my Honeysuckle on the arbor was full of those “web tents” .    I swear they weren’t there at all last week.  Got the ladder out, cut all of that yucky, sticky web-like stuff out & then sprayed what was left of the vine with Neem Oil.  Will have to keep a closer eye on it for a while.  It doesn’t look so great with all these big spots cut out of it & still a lot of dead twigs in there but hopefully it will recover.  If not, I’ll cut it down to the ground next year.

    I did all this stuff while watering.  I would water, see something that needed to be done, stop, take care of that & then go back to watering.

    You notice I got a lot more done outside than inside.  LOL

    Tomorrow I’m working & Wed. grocery shopping.  Probably won’t get much done in the yard those two days so good I got it done today.

    Hope y’all have had a good day.

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    It sounds like everyone had productive day.  I also did in my shop.  I have been watering containers since I got home….I am about ½ done.  The rain that we were supposed to get went south of us again.  Now there is not another chance until possibly this weekend.  I am afraid it is too late for some things even though I have been watering regularly……just not the same as rain.  The lawn looks awful.  The only thing doing well is the weeds and it is too dry to pull or dig them.  We hit mid 80s today…..that really dries things out fast.

    Wendy….I will also be getting up at 4 am in the morning since we have to leave here at 5 am for my Dr appointment.  Lacrosse is a 2 hr drive.   I doubt I will visit the VSR before leaving. Have  a good evening and a good day tomorrow everyone.  Charlene

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    Well, I wasn’t productive, Charlene, sorry to say.  I got exactly one thing done today.  I made zucchini banana nut bread.  And the sad truth is, I somehow managed to screw that up.  Even with cooking it an additional 15 min. above and beyond the called for cooking time, it was not done on the bottom.  A disappointing day to be sure.  Good thing tomorrow is another day!  😉  I will do better then.

    We were pretty chilly today for this time of year.  When I went outside to sit on the patio, I was startled by the cold metal on my back.  Guess this wasn’t a day for a halter top.  LOL! Our weather forecast calls for us to warm up each day until we get to 90 on Sunday.  It will only be our 4th time hitting it – if we do.  Allegedly, we are likely to get rain tomorrow and maybe Wednesday.  Unless it is 100% chance of us getting it, I don’t believe it anymore.  I drove by the river yesterday and saw an alarming amount of rock sticking out from where water is supposed to be.  I guess we are lucky it is so cool since the rain has been so scarce.  We’d really be brown and burned out if it had been hot.

    Have a good night!

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    Good evening. I’m glad someone had a productive day. I didn’t feel like I got anything accomplished at work, and nothing at home either to speak of. Two people turned in their resignations today. One works in my department and has been there for 20 years. He doesn’t have another job lined up but I guess he just got tired of how things have been going with all of the changes lately.

    I did get a call from worx and they are shipping a new battery and charger for the shipping cost. I normally don’t give out my debit card number over the phone but had no choice if I wanted to get the battery. It will take 7 to 10 days and my grass is already knee high. We had rain and couldn’t cut for a while and then when it dried up the mower died.

    I wish I could send some of you some of our heat. I heard we will be pushing 100 this week.

    I think I will read a little and then call it a night.

    Charlene, have a safe trip.

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    Hello everyone.  Been busy moving my bedroom furniture and it is all out for the installation of that rooms new carpet tomorrow morning.

    The weather here has changed somewhat, and the siren on our weather station went off a few times today.  There were a lot of bad storms south of here this afternoon, but we got a good hard rain this morning and throughout this afternoon until after 6pm today, and boy did we need it. Things were so dry and it was nice not to have to water plants today.   Tomorrow morning after the carpet is done I have to get the chives chopped and put in the freezer.  I will also go out and get the loveage in to dry.  The herbs need a second harvesting.  I am getting cukes from the garden now.  I have already put up some green beans.  The tomatoes are starting to look good too.  Starting to look at a lot of work that needs to be done outside.

    Charlene, I hope your doctor appt. goes well.

    Leslie, try to stay cool there if you can.  It has been cool here, in the 70s the last few days.  The humidity was very high however.

    Karen, hopefully I can get a Z…cake done this week for when my son comes to visit from MO on Saturday.  Got company for the weekend.

    Everyone else do have a great evening.

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