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    At Tractor Supply Company the flyer I got in the mail recently said starting August 6th, BOSS will be on sale….40 lbs. for $18.99, and also suet cakes on sale, too.  Just thought I would pass this along for anyone with this store nearby them and anyone wanting to stock up for upcoming seasons!

    I have to restock some of my other bird seed now before the Aug. 6th sale begins, but plan on getting some seed when the sale begins, too.   I have 2 metal seed cans I bought at TSC to store my seed bags in and the covers lock down when handle is pulled up over the covers.  Safe storage and handy to dip the seed out of the different seed bags, too.

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    We never get their ad here.. I always have to go to the store… maybe I should check online for it.

    Our local Rural King has 40lb of BOSS for $15.99… I will be stocking up, as all of my totes in the garage are empty.  I ran out of safflower and had to buy a 25 lb bag at the local feed and grain store.  It is cheaper there than anywhere else around. I have 50 lb of nyger so that is enough for most of the winter.  I am waiting on suet cakes to be on sale, although the RK has them for .59 cents all the time.  I do like to get a variety.. Hubby got me a case of the orange suet…and boy they liked that one… I like to get the berry one when its on sale… I just can’t make them as cheap as they sell them..

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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