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    Anyone out there knowledgeable about chickens?

    I have a question about Silkies.

    I have seen photos of Silkies with white feathers covering the tops of their heads and no visible combs, and I have also seen photos of them with red combs and wattles and NO feathers on top of their heads.

    As a kid, we had a pair of Silkie roosters that had plainly visible combs and wattles, and no head feathers, at all. They were definitely Silkies, as we got them from a local hatchery, and they did have the white feathers on their legs and the rest of their bodies were covered with white feathers.

    So, does the Silkie breed come either way, or are the individuals without feathers on the tops of their heads a special type of Silkie, or maybe a hybrid of some sort? Are the ones minus head feathers hybrids?

    Just curious. I’ve always wondered why some sport “boa bonnets” and others don’t.

    I’m ready to be educated.





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    Jo Ann
    Jo Ann

    I’m certainly no expert on Silkies, but I can tell you about the ones we had.  They did not have a visible comb, but the roosters had a wattle.  They had what I always thought of as a topknot on top of their head, and they may have had a comb underneath the topknot.  Not sure about that.  Their plumage does not look like feathers on other chickens, and their skin is black.

    They are beautiful chickens.  We gave ours to my nephew and his family.


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    I was given some silkie chicks once.  When they grew up  I let a hen sit on some eggs and they were hatching in a box where I had hung a light bulb to keep them warm. When they started hatching I saw one that the shell had cracked on but the chick hadn’t come out. I finished opening the shell and the chick must have imprinted on me because that chicken would come running to me every time i walked into the yard and usually flew up on my shoulder to ride around with me. She took up residence in a chiminea  I had sitting on my porch.  I named her Sadie and she was my constant companion whenever I was outside until the day she disappeared. I still miss her. Sketter

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    So, what are the Silkies that have the bare, visible red combs and wattles, but otherwise have the feathering of the breed and other typical characteristics? Are those hybrids, or just another type of Silkie that doesn’t have the feathery topknot? As I’ve stated, I seen photos of Silkies both ways. Some have heads and faces that look more like those of other chickens, others have exclusively the Silkie heads and faces. What accounts for the difference?


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    Why is it so hard to get this question answered?


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