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    Like freesoul’s previous kitties, I have also demanded a voice on this forum. And my human knows that when I demand something, I get it!

    Here’s my message to other felines who find themselves incarcerated inside of animal shelters, waiting for the right human to come along and spring them.

    You have to press all the right buttons, but first size up the human you see outside of your enclosure. Save your best qualities for that one you instinctively know is going to spoil you rotten — you know the type. They’re usually wearing a t-shirt with kitties on it, and volunteer petters are nearly always a safe bet.

    Then, when you find just the right person, turn on the charm. My human found me when she was in our enclosure as a petter. I was sizing her up from the moment she walked in. When it came my turn on her lap, I made it a point to lick her hand, because that affectionate activity usually scores big points. The more she petted me, the more I licked her hand, and the more I got petted.

    Sure enough, I soon found myself inside one of those hard plastic cat carriers with a soft blanket on the floor, and before long I was deposited inside of some luxurious kitty accommodations, complete with carpeted window sills, a carpeted cat tree, some carpeted kitty condos, communal feeders and waterers,  and nice fresh litter to do my business in. This place even has a heater in the ceiling to keep me warm during the harsh winters.

    See what a little charming can do? I still do the hand-licking bit, because I get petted more when I do it.

    So, if you want to get out of that shelter and onto easy street, you can’t be stuck-up, aggressive or lazy. You have to work at it a little, though usually not very much. Once you’re adopted, there’s plenty of time for playing politics. For now, just suck up shamelessly and lap up all of the love.

    Hope this helps the rest of you to find good homes.






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