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    Whew…. just spent my day off building three saltbox birdhouses and a wren house. I had to replace a birdhouse that the Bluebirds had raised three broods out of, but it was so old it could not have stood another season since it had cracked and the only thing holding it together was the roof and the floor. I built the new one from cedar whereas the old one was made out of purple heartwood that I got from a pallet from South America. Maybe the Bluebirds will accept it since I placed it back on the same pole early so it would weather a little before they return. The other two saltboxes where placed in the backyard in different locations for whatever wants to build there, and the Wren box in a dogwood in the front yard. Maybe I should put a sign on it “For Wrent”?

    The weather in Chattanooga had rained for 9 -10 days straight so all this was my remedy for cabin fever.   

    Next project will be to paint the Purple martin house white, and give it a good cleaning. Then the great backyard bird count. I must keep reminding myself that spring is not so far away……  

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    They sound good,can you post pictures?Here’s my martin house I made about 5 years ago and it still has not found a home. 

    This was not a container,I made it from scratch including the lid.


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    That martin House looks Awesome. My Salt Box houses are just garden variety. I did manage to repair the old one I intended to replace with the others by replacing the front board, the bottom and the top. So maybe I can get a few more years out of it. I did see the bluebirds looking in the new one before I replaced it with with the old one they were used to. Now I will put the new one in the front yard and maybe get two sets of bluebirds nesting. We’ll see.


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