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    I would like a self-addressed stamped envelope for these please-one stamp for up to 4 packets, 2 stamps for up to 8 packets.  If you would like any, just send me a PM with what you want, and when I receive your envelope, they will go in the mail.

    Husker Red Penstemon

    Emilia (Tassel Flower) – tiny orange flowers, but quite a few at a time

    Mini Red Morning Glory

    Red Coreopsis

    Orange Profusion Zinnias

    Orange Butterfly Weed

    Pink Lavatera

    Purplish Cleome

    Burgundy Luna Hibiscus

    Egg Tree Plant – Novelty in Eggplant family

    Blue Rose of Sharon – Shrub about 10 feet tall

    Pink Sweet William

    Red Maltese Cross

    Arizona Red Shades Gaillardia

    Mexican Hat-Yellow with red on petals and long cone

    Blue Siberian Iris

    White Hibiscus

    Orange Tithonia – Mexican Sunflower

    Malva Zebrina

    White Foxglove

    Lavender Foxglove

    Pink and Yellow Four O’Clocks- Both colors in mix

    Purple Coneflower

    Black Eyed Susan

    Purple Hyacinth Bean – Big seeds and heavy-will need more postage

    Chives – I have one packet – New

    Johnny Jump Ups – I have one packet- New

    Anise Hyssop – I have one packet – New- this is blue

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    Sorry it took so long.  I had to type the message three times to get it to print on here.  

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    Go to top of this page. Click on MY PROFILE.   SITE OPTIONS will appear.  Mark all YES.  Set TIME ZONE AND DATE.  EMAIL- I marked all NO.  CONVERSATIONS-mark ALL USERS.  then click on SAVE.  Click on my picture.  Underneath it will say SEND MESSAGE.  Put in your message to me.  I will then send you a PM with my name and address, so you send the SASE.  One stamp will be enough.  Then I’ll send the seeds.  You can click on the little envelope next to MY PROFILE to get PMs back to.  It’s pretty simple once you do it.  Thanks.


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    hi i would love some

    burgandy hibiscus

    blue rose of sharon

    purple cleome

     ty  how do i give you my info??

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    I would like some Husker Penstemon, Red Corespsis and Blue Siberian. Where do I send a sase for them?

    Thank you

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    Not sure if this how to do it. Will give it a try.


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    You can talk to me, but I can’t talk to you till you set things up. Scroll up until you get to my post explaining how to set it up.  If you do that, then I can answer the PM by sending one to you.  Give it a try.

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    It worked.  Just click on the little envelope and you can read my PM.

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    Leroy, do you have any of the Blue Siberian Iris or the Lavender Foxgloves left? If so Pm me with your address and ill send a SASE. Thanks, Tina

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    Hi Hopscotch;

    I got your seeds the other day and wanted to thank you.  I’m excited.  I’m starting a new bed and some of these will be just what I need in it.

    Thank you so much,


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    Tina, check your PM.

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    Jeri, you will have to set the personal Message (PM) in your profile.  I posted instructions a few posts above this.  If you do this, send me a PM so I can give you my address to send the SASE.  Depending on how many kinds of seeds you, the amount of the postage on the SASE can vary.  Just let me know.

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    jeri 1

    I would love to have your seeds except Johnny Jump Ups I have them all over.

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    Jeri, I can send you a packet of each if you want.  If you want to send 4 stamps, I will put them in a bigger envelope and mail them to you.  You will have to set up your profile to receive PM’s first, as I won’t put my address on here.  It will only be in the PM for you to read.  It’s easy to set up, just look further up in this thread, and there are instructions on how to do it.  Thanks.

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    jeri 1

    How do I tell I want all of them all and how may of each I will print out.

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