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    Hi All, I have some seeds that I would love to trade or share for postage! I have quite a few packs of each so everyone is welcome! Also I am looking for some or any cactus/succulents for a dear friend if anyone has any I have lots of plants that I can trader also just let me know what you are looking for! I also have 6 kinds of voodoo lilly bulbs



    italian arum

    yellow flag iris

    morning glory mix

    purle barlow columbine

    pink columbine

    lt pink hibiscus

    dusty miller

    turban squash

    hosta mix

    purple liatris

    honey locust

    zinnia mix

    galardia goblin

    red trumpet vine

    lily mix

    rare poppy mix

    cherry brandy rudbeckia

    many others in small amounts so just let me know what your looking for

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    Helen , Hello and welcome to the board , you have a PM from me TIA .

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    Hi, I would love some of the voodoo lily..  I do have some succulents that I can send you. I’d be willing to do a trade and then we don’t have to send each other postage..lol.  My email is jlnarc1@embarqmail.com and we can trade addresses there.  Thank you so much!!!

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    I would like to have some of your Pink Columbine, Dusty Miller and Hosta Mix. Thank You.



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    You have a PM, if you don’t reply, will understand.

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    Where do I look for the pm.  Thanks


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    You know, I just assumed you had been on this board for a while, see now, you don’t have a lot of posting, if you are not familiar with this sort of thing, I BELIEVE if you click on your name it goes to your area to receive messages etc., I don’t spend a lot of time on here, much too confusing for me, but if I remember correctly, surely someone will let me know if I am wrong.  I am looking for Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia, which I understand is not a perennial?

    Rare poppy mix, and Galardia Goblin seeds, I have nothing to trade, but would pay postage and handling if you will do me the honor of allowing this to happen.

    Contact me thru the forum if you don’t have it set up to send PM, if you aren’t on top of that, ask someone here on the forum to help you, I just really don’t remember.  Sorry.

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    Click on the little envelope at the top right corner of this page.  If there are any PMs then that’s how you find them.  If the above poster sent you one you must be set up to receive them.  And to answer her just click reply.

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    Thank you for your help with the pm.  I don’t have an envelope so I must not be set up for them.


    Wis – I don’t have any of the things you’re looking for.  Sorry.


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    Cajungal-I checked and you are not set up to receive PMs.  If you would like to, just go to the top right of this page where it says My Profile.  Click on that and just work your way down to the end and mark save at the bottom.  Then, if you click on your picture, it will show under your picture, a line that says send messages.  To send a message to someone else, click on their picture and message.  To receive a message, click on the little envelope at the top right next to My Profile.  Hope this helps.

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    hi i would love some , of the cherry brandy rudeckia seeds ty my email,ilovealaska06@yahoo.com    TY.

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    i would be interested in the hosta mix. lolney@bell.blackberry.net

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    Hello cactus lady,


    I would love to have the following:

    red trumpet vine

    cherry brandy rudbeckia

    voodoo lilly bulb.


    I do have a few succulents. are you looking for  specific kind or just any? I would love to share with you.


    My email is cforster @umn.edu. Send me an email or PM with your mailing address so we can figure out the trade.


    Happy Gardening…..C



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    I received a note from bashfulblonde_Tx_Zn8, evidently by mistake. She sent a note to me addressed to “Helen”, which I am not. I have plenty flowers and if interested I’d be happy to trade some of them. Let me know.


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    Hi Helen , just a short note to ask you what happen to the voodoo lillies u where supposed to send me quite some time ago , i sent my end of the trade , why did u not send yours ?? As I still have not heard a word from you as of today and here it is 6 months later ??? Do you mind telling me ???

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