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    Let us pray !
    Scattered Showers

    Showers possible in the
    afternoon. High 19C. Winds S at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 30%.

    Mostly cloudy this morning. A few showers
    developing during the afternoon. High 67F. Winds S at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of
    rain 30%.

    Have to wake these birds up…shake their tree……party…….wake up…”>)

    Look at how little day light that we have…..

    Sunrise Sunset
    7:18 am
    5:09 pm

    Thought I’d frame me up in case Marilyn stops by…she really likes a nice frame…LOL


    Mmarnee those are beautiful hydrangeas…even more so with the loss of every other bloomin thing to the cold weather… Loiiie would show up pretty in front of the purple one….


    I’m here Mr. Robin….i just ate too much and may be too heavy to fly…LOL

    Tina that was some job that you did with your sky picture emulating the text photo….that’s some photography……even the birds don’t get that close….don’t hurt that pretty head cramming things in…take time to smell the roses…we do all the time…LOL

    Terry those fiber optic trees are the cat’s meow……I’m fascinated by their lighting….but did find an old set of the bubbly ones from the fifties….where when they heat up the colored water seems to bubble….

    Pat I still think yours says it all… perfect scenario is buying live every year and then planting them all in a row…year after year…and it still serves the birds….LOLhave to dig the whole before the ground freezes…LOL…or plant in spring…

    Would you believe this blue jay? At first we rushed to give beak to beak but them realized that was his way of showing off for Jane Jay…LOL…strut your stuff we told him but he wouldn’t listen to us….


    Marilyn sure hope you are doing well….thinking about you and will say a prayer that you are there and feeling fine….can you tell which end is up at this point? It lost some of it’s drama when he’d sneak a peek to see if Jane Jay was watching him…LOL

    No wonder Jane stayed on the tree lines…….what a show off…….well that’s it for today’s bash so far……I’m sure you can tell who the better host(ess) is here right?

    George didn’t have a clue…LOL

    Mtn. Babe, MaShirley, JW, Posy, K, J and any that we missed…have the greatest day….tomorrow you may have to clean up after the birds…LOL


    Says who? And who put the apple cider in the bird bath? :>)


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    Currently 43°F


    Humidity: 89%


    Sunrise:  7:25am

    Sunset:    4:30pm


    Good morning Janis and everyone, looks like our dry weather didn’t last very long, we are supposed to have heavy rain late this morning and into the afternoon.


    Wow Janis great commentary and pictures. I really loved the bright yellow color on both your bird and the flower. You have some amazing pictures of the birds and especially the Blue Jay.


    Janis is this picture you wanted my human has a picture of me everywhere.

     This plant wanted to come home with me the other day.


    Terry, this is my Christmas tree December 2009; we had a problem with the stand and it fell over so I moved it to the patio and redecorated it for the hummingbirds.


    Hope everyone has a great day.

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    Hi All,

    It was 66 degrees this morning, it’s 68 degrees now with a steady drizzle….we’ve had 3/8″ of rain so far. The creeks and ponds need a lot more water in them, our creek is doing okay. I think our turkey was better yesterday than on the day it was cooked, we’ll have more today :-) I guess Joyce will make some turkey noodle  soup or gumbo from the carcass later on. The teams we rooted for all won their games yesterday.

    Mmarnee……We put a old artificial tree  in the woods for about three years before the wood “trunk” started rotting.

    Janis……The fiber optic trees are simple, just  colored  light following the glass fibers to their ends, the wheel rotates and creates the twinkling. We’ve noticed that most stores have prelit  trees now, we haven’t  seen  a fiber optic tree for a long time, maybe they  stopped making them. They sell the  bubble light candles new now, people bought them as fast as we could stock them before I retired :-)


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    52* and dark now after another mild day for New York at the end of November…Rain is coming sometime in the night…

    Filled the 2 feeders yesterday with Song Bird Mix and have had steady traffic today with those chickadees.  A new batch of suet has those woodpeckers happy!!

    A grey cat, new to the neighborhood, was checking things out….hummmm!  I’ll be watching…………………

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    Hi Kathie, I really like your Christmas apple avatar.

    Terry, the tree I put outside for the birds was fresh from a local tree farm and it lasted for weeks and I only tossed it when I found the opportunity to have someone haul it away.

     BTW I checked on line and it showed Walmart has Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Trees.

    Janis, I remember those old bubbly lights, Grandma next door had some when I was a child. 

    A few years ago I was able to get a bubbly night light.

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    Marnee…………I have 1 of those too!  :O)

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    Showers this morning, becoming a steady rain
    during the afternoon hours. High 66F. Winds SE at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain

    66 High

    52 Low

    80 %

    Sunrise Sunset
    7:18 am
    5:06 pm
    WOW Mmarnee those were beautiful memories that you showed us…..Love the tree for the birds….I’ll bet the hummer would sit in it….and Lollie looks too cute beside the hydrangea ….she looks cute anywhere….but I’ll bet she would make a Christmas card just sitting next to the poinsettia plant….and you two are too much with your matching bubble lights….now I’ll just have to get mine out…LOL
    Terry Lowe’s also had the fiber optic last year….one problem was the assembly…one of mine was taped to the tree and after years the tape is dissolving…..I had one of a bear branch tree that I left up all year….just love to watch the light traveling…LOL…and I’d travel for Joyce’s home made soup any day… you ever put any brush or trees in the creek for fish cover? Some places up North throw the live trees when discarded after Christmas into lakes for the fish to have cover…..
    Kathie that is a festive avatar….I need to update I see….LOL….where at in NY do you hail from? 52F in Nov. is as good as it got when we lived there…..a bonus for sure….seems like we have more snow in WV than we did in NY? I have a potted pine that we will use for our Christmas tree this year. Can’t imagine that there’s many in Fl….LOL…will also take a feeder just in case…LOL
    Did I tell you guys that we are moving to Fl. and have rented out the house? LOL…We leave Wed. Surprise surprise surprise! DH doesn’t want to shovel another flake of snow.!  Our neighbors have put up a hummingbird feeder and tied red ribbons leading to it from our home. I’m not worried as this was one determined hummer and will find the right place I’m sure. We are leaving the furniture so there’s not a lot to do and have rented furnished….have taken many photos that I hope we can peruse as needed….LOL
    Posy how is your back yard doing? Bet there’s a lot of activity there. Quiet here this AM…..this little guy is going to tell Ted and Lois when hummer is near so that Ted can take a picture…..wonder how long that will take when I have to be invisible to take her photo….guess it’s instinctive to survival for them………
    I resemble that remark…LOL
    Tina seems like every time I try to see the sky here it’s clouded lately….what does your little wren tell you? Hopefully you will be getting some down times after your test…..which we’re sure that you will ace! Hummer says if she wants she will take a train down to visit us….she’s afraid of airplanes…LOL
    Marilyn sure hope that you are feeling fine…You and Jakey are sorely missed from here….and welcome to any and all….but be careful of the poopers at the bird bash….they get carried away! LOL
    How about Wi. Pat? What’s happening in your back yard these days?
    Let’s get these birds out of their nests so we can get them aired out says George!

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    Hi All,

    We started at 46 degrees with a light drizzle, it’s 50 sunny degrees now. We ended up with 1 1/8th” of rain yesterday, there’s a chance of a tiny bit more rain here, they said that  north Alabama might get a little snow north of I-20. I filled my truck with regular this morning, it was $3.25 per gal.

    Janis/Mmarnee……Thanks for the tree update, I saw four listed at WM, I’ll check our local Lowe’s, Home Depot and WM. Janis…..I don’t add anything to our creek, there’s plenty grasses, bank holes  and hollow logs for  cover and shelter. I do pile up the cut brush for wind breaks and critter shelter in the woods.

    Tina….I’ll be adding two small turkey feathers to my hat band, they hang down from two 3″ strings of beads. I don’t put a tall vertical feather on my hats.


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    Currently 42°F


    Sunrise: 7:27am

    Sunset: 4:30pm

    Good morning Janis and everyone, after last week’s very wet weather it’s supposed to be much drier. We have fog this morning and our forecast shows we can expect partly sunny skies after the fog clears with daytime highs around 49 degrees.

    Janis, wow you have some amazing sky pictures they are all so beautiful I can’t pick a favorite. You also have some really great bird pictures, great job on the close up.

    Just now as I was typing I turned to see a hummer look inside the window before going to the feeder. That maybe  how they know when I’m holding my camera.

    I’m surprised at the amount of snow you are having in WV when I talked to my Sister in ND last night she said they didn’t have any snow.

    I’m happy to hear you neighbors are putting up a Hummingbird feeder.

    Wow FL that’s sure a long way from the West Coast, poor George is really going to have a long way to fly.

    Tina, I hope that test of yours is over soon so you can come back and chat with us. How’s that DGSon? I also enjoy hearing from him.

    Marilyn, I hope you are doing okay we sure miss you here.

    Hi Terry , Posy, Kathie, MtnBabe, MaryinMi, Pat, Shirley, Hiker, JW2, Naturelover, Meme, Marg & Giddey, hope I didn’t forget anyone.

               Hummingbird yesterday in the rain

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    oooooh  and ah! Nice photos everyone!

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    Janis, I know you will enjoy your stay in Florida. There should be lots of opportunities to take pictures.  I’m looking forward to seeing them. Will you be in the northern part or further south?  

    Our weather has been really nice the last couple of weeks. Sunny and 70*s Today it’s cool and drizzly but sun should come out about noon and warm up.

     photo siggy1.gif

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    Hi All,

    We started at 34 frosty degrees, it’s  50 sunny degrees now. I had to replace one of my truck headlight bulbs this morning, the bright wasn’t working. I  bought a twin pack of  bulbs and a Torx screwdriver set while I was at the auto parts store. It took a hour to take off the parking and headlight  assemblies, replace the bulb and put everything back together. I used to love working on cars, these new cars are a pain!!! I’ll replace the opposite side bulb when it  burns out, not before!!!!!


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    Currently 39°F

    Light Fog


    Sunrise:  7:28am

    Sunset:    4:29pm



    Good morning Janis and everyone, it’s a little cool this morning with overcast skies and we expect rain by this evening. Daytime highs are expected to be near 49 degrees.


    Shirley your avatar is really cute and Mary I also like your Cardinal avatar. They are both very festive.


    So far this morning I have cleaned and filled all the Hummingbird feeders, the Hummers by the computer room window have been very active this morning. I saw a really cute little one and the red headed hummer chased it away.


    Hi Janis, Kathie, Terry, Marilyn, Posy, Tina, & MtnBabe.


     Hope Tina is finished with that test so she can visit with us.


    Will check back later Have a great day everyone.

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    Hello friends and neighbors. I’ve been trying to catch up with your posts from the past few days, which is always fun and interesting.

    Beautiful photos and great commentary, Janis. We did have one little girl show up with her big floppy-eared bunny this year. Otherwise it was all dogs and children. No cats this year. Lots of adults with their pets too.

    I enjoyed your Christmas pet slide show, Tina. It would be nice to have a sleigh like that for a prop. I think we did have a sleigh one year, maybe back in the 80s. We’ve been doing this for about 30 years now.

    We offered an indoor setting and an outdoor setting. The famous Stanley Hotel was in the background of the outdoor setting.

    For the inside setting, we had an old quilt for the background, and a real tree decorated with special dog ornaments, plus an antique rocking chair and foot stool.

    We go someplace different each year, and have been at The Stanley Hotel on the big porch in years past, among many other lovely locations.

    The road was indeed icy when I left home before daylight. I picked up Santa on my way. Haha, Mmarnee, do you really think I’ll get a special present for giving him a ride? One little child was so amazed to see Santa there, and I told her that’s just how Santa is, that even though he is so busy getting ready for Christmas, he was happy to give a day of his time to help the homeless pets. She smiled so sweetly at that.

    The Babe

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    I’m back & “thanks” to all that wondered where I was. My computer just wasn’t behaving so it was in the shop for nearly a week. But all is well now [I hope].

    It’s been raining off & on all day & the temp is dropping now. Just heard it was down to 42º and by the end of the week is to go down in the 20s at night.

    Janis, love all the pictures. Will have to check back and see what I missed, when I have time. What is this I hear Janis? R u going to Florida? How nice! You don’t want a stow-a-way do you? lol

    Terry, know what you mean about working on the newer cars. Dh was a big motorhead in his younger days but the newer cars make him so mad. It is a real nightmare working on them for the smallest things.

    Hi Mm!

    Mtn B That is a nice setting & some hotel in the background. Nice in side setting too!

    Don’t know if I ever posted this or not. Just another of our grasses. I like this one, cause its small.

     photo 123 1_1.gif

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