You Don’t Say: Red-Winged Blackbird Ballyhoo


Red-Winged Blackbird

In our May issue of Birds & Blooms Extra, we feature this snapshot of a protective red-winged blackbird, captured by Ryan Sartoski of Avon Lake, Ohio. We want to hear your clever caption for this feathered fellow. We’ll publish some of our favorite suggestions in our upcoming July issue. Thanks!

  1. David Cheatham says

    .. wrong quote above… Actual quote by the bad witch in Wizard of Oz…. “And your little dog too!” (Sorry for error)

  2. Stephanie Tangen says

    “Get off my back woman! If you wanted the stem to be longer, you should have done it yourself!”

    “I’ll get you my pretty…and you little dog too!”

    “UGH…It’s heavier than I thought!”

  3. James E. Unger says

    I am off to war “Ho to yo ho jo” (lyric from Wagner’s Die Valkyrie, Ride of the Valkyrie’s. Used in some war movies)

    • says

      Dear Nadesan,I wish to know your opinion about the Jeneva deciison. I think this situation has increased the diffrences between tamil and Singalese. But most of Tamil (About 99.9%) in jaffna believe that America should send their nato force against Singala rulers and economic embargo etc ..Bharthipan

  4. Kim Smeltzer says

    “Look, Ma, no hands!”

    “I got it! Start the car!!”


    “No, not the knight, you idiot! Your bishop! Use your bishop!!!”

  5. Sherry Hyink says

    Who busted my favorite perch while I was gone!!?

    My wife will pull my tail feathers off if I don’t get this fixed before she gets back!!

  6. Hannah Begley says

    I hate sweeping! This is just a big conspiracy! Mom says the air needs to be swept but I know better!

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