You Don’t Say: Looking for a Cheap Meal



In our November issue, we feature this fun snapshot from Beth Westphal of Scandia, Minnesota. Do you have a clever caption for this picture? Share it below and you might see your caption and name printed in the January issue of Birds & Blooms Extra!

  1. Jenny Robinson says

    Uh-oh, I must be dreaming…I could have sworn my chicken coop was a bit larger than this. Time to face the facts I need to go on a diet!

  2. Joy Wright says

    You can come out of hiding now. I promise you will not get grounded to going to your new friends house without permission!

  3. Beverly Frank says

    I don’t think that invitation was meant for me. However, I’m here so might as well eat. It did say “all you can eat buffet”.

  4. Carol Spoonhoward says

    How come I never noticed this diner before,
    it sure is tastier than my regular scratch.
    From now on I will be a regular patron.

    • ken brinkman says

      let me correct my errors—-
      This hen is not looking for something to eat, she’s looking for a place to lay an egg!

  5. Dorothy Purcell says

    The chicken’s mother is commenting:

    “There you go again sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong”

  6. Dorothy Purcell says

    This is the first one I have ever submitted & don’t know what you mean by waiting for moderation. I don’t see any rules to comply to. Please explain. Thank you.

  7. Hannah Begley says

    I’m glad Mom isn’t here to see me. She’d say I act more like a pig than a chicken! But really, that isn’t an insult. A pig is a barn animal too, right? Besides, the early chicken gets the…bird food!

  8. Saryn Bernard says

    These are EASY pickings!!!! I love that don’t need to get yelled at when i do this! TEEHEEHEE!


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