You Don’t Say: Hello Martin!


You Don't Say: Hello Martin!

In our May issue, we feature this snapshot of a cardinal attacking a kitchen window at the home of Martin Pothier of Abilene, Texas. Do you have a clever caption for this photo? Share it below and you might see your caption and name printed in the September issue of Birds & Blooms!

  1. TracyMarie says

    I like the one that’s already up there: “Hello Martin!”, especially as the photographers name is Martin. Attacking the window you say? How about, ” Hey! Martin! Let me in, quick! She’s after me!”

  2. Miam Carlisle says

    Excuse me… Pardon me… I don’t mean to interrupt your conversation, but we seem to be out of sunflower seeds.

  3. Melanie Running says

    Hey,, hey,, HAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before you go to work would you mind filling that feeder… It is spring you know!

  4. Drema Gould says

    Remember the tv show ‘Welcome Back Kotter’? When Horseshack would wave his arm frantically in the air and yell with that Brooklyn accent,”Mister, KOT-TAIRE! Mister, KOT-TAIRE!’ Instead of ‘Mr Kotter’… that’s what this reminds me of! :)

    • Drema Gould says

      (sorry – should’ve added an “OOOH! OOH!OOH!” before the ‘Mr. KOT-TAIRE’….. more accurate… LOL!

  5. Donna McDaniel says

    Caption for above cardinal attacking the window:

    “Hello, Sunshine! How’s about you and me hittin’ the old feeder for a bite?”

  6. Liz M says

    Raise your right wing if you vote for all sunflower seeds in the feeder from now on. No more of that sissy stuff!

  7. Robin Vascovich says

    Almost t h e r e, I c an ‘ t r e a c h I t. I ‘ m n o t g o I n g t o m a k e I t. Made it, tag ur it.

  8. Dawn Singleton says

    Hey! Hey you in there! The feeders are empty! They are I checked. Come out and fill them please!

  9. Lou Holden says

    (from the prospective of the shot, it looks like the bird is doing one-winged chin-ups.)

  10. gretchen mccabe says

    I have a comment for your April/May issue with the little birds on page 50, Children, I can’t understand you when you all “chirp” at once!!!

  11. myrna says

    I bet they never saw the RUMBA done like this on “America’s got Talent”, or ” So you think you can dance’
    I’m flying

  12. Autumn says

    Don’t worry little Cock-a-too! I’ll bring backup! I’ll get you out! Just fight the giant a little longer!

  13. John Brannick says

    Oh! Oh! Oh! I’m a single lady, I’m a single lady – if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it…

  14. Donna Larson says

    “Jus’ doin’ the Hokey Pokey. You put your right wing in, you put your right wing out…..”

  15. Hazel Remaley says

    Hey in there !! Have you seen Melinda Myers and George Harrison lately ?? I have some questions for them.

  16. Sally Davala says

    You put your right wing in, you put your right wing out, you put your right wing in and you shake it all about.

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