You Don’t Say: Cooling Off


In our December/January issue, we feature this fun snapshot from Roy Powell of Dallas, Texas. Do you have a clever caption for this picture? Share it below and you might see your caption and name printed in the February/March issue of Birds & Blooms!


    Whew! Glad it’s Friday since I run around with a bunch of nuts at my job I am glad I made it to the weekend!

  2. Lydia Wade says

    Living here in Hampton Roads Virginia is for the birds. All this rain…….just give me a bar of soap and I’ll be the best looking Squirrel when the sun shines!

  3. LINDA DUTY says

    and that cloud looks just like a bowl of peanuts…..Oh Oh look ! that one looks just like a tree filled with apples….look that looks like next door neighbor’s bird house filled with seeds…OH man that cloud looks just like my pap!

  4. Rebecca says

    “Okay, Ralph. Now move that leaf a little to the right. No, MY right. Okay, that’s good. Hold it right there!”

  5. bill tucker says

    With a world full of nuts, who would ever think that gathering them for winter would be so tiresome……Please let it rain acorns…

  6. Nikki Hummel says

    I’m dreaming of a nice acorn just like the ones I used to store. Where they fall off the treetops like snow….

  7. Barbara Ford says

    Fa cryin’ outloud! Up de tree, down de tree, bury de nut, dig up de nut — WILL SOMEBODY JUST FILL UP DE DANG BIRDFEEDAH!!

  8. jill says

    just dreaming of a body rub at the Japanese onsen my Asian relative told me about .. . he said his fur had never been so soft!

  9. jill says

    Dreaming of a body rub at the Japanese Onsen my Asian relative told me about .. . he said his fur had never been so soft!

  10. Michele Bondurant says

    What do you want, Mary? Do you want the moon? If you want it, I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down for you. Hey! That’s a pretty good idea! I’ll give you the moon, Mary!

  11. Mary Lloyd says

    Call me crazy, but I can feel the sunshine on me laying like this. Ahhhhhhh, such is life! Guess I’ll just stay here a while and let it soak in . . .

  12. ARLENE MYERS says

    I have a fluffy tail. I carry round things in my mouth and dig in the flower beds, just like the dog. Maybe this is what it takes to get the free food from the humans.

  13. Lori Quante says

    That sweet lady will never miss that large bag of peanuts I took while she was taking in her gocery’s!!!!
    Life is good!!!

  14. Jeff Alvarado says

    Setting: Two cops discussing a crime scene.
    One Says to the other: Yep Rockey, thu Rabbit kacked him last night!

  15. Saryn Bernard says

    Oh it’s so HOT!! I think i may die!!…..Oh! I see a nut! Never mind I guess i don’t want to die today!! :)


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