Winter Bird Cams Roundup

Jill Staake

With nasty winter weather keeping many folks indoors right now, it seemed like a good time to offer a few great sites for bird watching around the country right from your own living room. Check these out and let us know if we’ve missed any of your wintertime favorites!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Ontario FeederWatch. Based in far northern Ontario, this feeder regularly has redpoll finches, evening grosbeaks, pine grosbeaks, and other northern birds that many of us may not regularly see. Operates during daylight hours. Click here to view.

Bird Cams Ontario

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Sapsucker Woods FeederWatch. This one is based at the Cornell Lab’s headquarters in upstate New York. Even when the feeders aren’t active, there are almost always ducks on the pond to watch. Operates during daylight hours. Click here to view.

Bird Cams Cornell

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam. In most places, winter isn’t really nesting season. But in Florida, bald eagles use this time to raise their young, and this nest in Fort Myers is available for you to watch around the clock. The eggs have already hatched this year, so it’s interesting to watch parents bring their two chicks food every so often, and see the chicks interact and fight for dominance. Click here to view.

Bird Cams Florida

International Bird Rescue Cam. If you’re interested in rehabilitation facilities, check out this cam from International Bird Rescue, based in San Francisco. You can see what species the center currently houses and learn about their rehab too. Click here to view.

Bird Cam InternationalWhat other bird cams are you watching this winter? If there are any we missed, let us know in the comments below!

  1. barbara thompson says

    i have a lot of old lumber and would like to make winter bird sanctuaries – as easy as possible since i’m 75 – to help them stay as warm as possible thru the horribly cold months here. i feed as many as possible, bt i would like to give them a little bit of shelter to help thru these blistering nights. any suggestions would be extremely appreciated.

  2. says

    The local college, Berry College, now has an eagle cam. Right now there are 2 eggs in the nest the parents sit on. Only live cam in GA is my understanding. So great to watch what goes on in the nest. Check it out!!

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