Win a Copy of Sally Roth’s New Book!

Sally Roth is one of the contributing editors to Birds & Blooms. She is a wonderful writer, and she always keeps us entertained as well. (We never get an email or an assignment from Sally without a fun story or photo to go along with it.) 

So when she told me she was working on a new book project, I couldn’t wait to learn more. The book is officially called An Eye on the Sparrow. Sally calls the book “the science behind Scriptures.” It takes all the birds mentioned in the Bible, and it gives you a fun look at their history, behaviors and more.

Sally is truly one of my favorite nature writers, and I hope you’ll check out her new book either on her website or on Amazon. She’s written 25+ books over the years, and she says this one is her favorite. Of course, you could win a copy of it, too! Since Sally always keeps us entertained, we thought we’d try to entertain her as well. Please write a haiku in the comments below. We’ll have Sally help us select 10 winners, and we’ll ship a book out to you by the end of the month. Please write your haiku by August 19, 2013 for the chance to win!

Win a copy of this book!

  1. Mary Tullila says

    Sorrows yearn,
    In a branch:
    outside tear stained window
    mourning dove sings haunting memories.

  2. Melanie Gee says

    the sun sets lower
    hummingbirds fly away home
    waiting to return

    the scent of jasmine
    wafting on the summer breeze
    brings good memories

    purple martins prove
    survival of the fittest
    eat all mosquitoes

  3. says

    I love “Birds and Blooms” magazine. Just wish there wasn’t so much advertising, although I know rising costs leaves you no choice. It is by far my most favorite magazine!


  4. Shannon Smith says

    Blue Jay crosses yard;
    Lands in flower box and chirps
    where is my peanut.

    He does this everyday. Love the magazine!!

  5. Bonnie Juve' Meeker says

    Capturing the joy of wildlife…
    Is like the Winds of Time blowing around us…and
    When we look up to see…they have already gone…
    Leaving us with fond memories…

  6. lenore gabbard says

    A hummingbird’s flight

    Soaring in the air
    Flashing his irridecense
    Reflecting the sun

    A brilliant jewel
    A messenger of angels
    Clbing to the sky

    Wings trilling like bells
    A song to his creator
    Shining in his glory

    Tasting sweet nectar
    Charming to all who behold
    Come and fly with me.

  7. Shannon Taylor says

    The swallows were first-timers for us. What a treat!

    Love Birds & Blooms. My magazine is read in its entirety the day it arrives – and then several times more.

  8. Joy Wyse says

    Being unemployed this summer, my sunflowers, wildflowers, finches, and hummingbirds have been my greatest joy. They are a true give of God.

  9. says

    God speaks to me through the birds. He cares for each one of them just as he cares for me. I am filled with excitement when I see a new bird. God provides these moments to bring me peace from a troublesome day.

  10. CHRIS says

    When released back to the wild
    after many weeks of round clock
    feeding, growing, learning
    your song of thanks is beautiful

  11. Maryann Massar says

    As I sit and ponder on the birds and blooms,
    I reflect on how fast the summer wanes,
    and I cherish the summer sun as hummingbirds dash past my head,
    and wallow in today.

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