Western Bluebird close up

Just as Eastern Bluebirds are found in the east, Western Bluebirds are found in the west. Though these beautiful birds are found in parts of British Columbia, Canada they are predominately a bird of the United States.  They are found in open woodlands and edges of woods and less often in open fields like Eastern Bluebirds.

Like their eastern cousins, male Western Bluebirds are blue and rusty colored. However, they have blue throats and many have rusty shoulders and backs. The females are more grayish with dull blue wings and tail.

Western Bluebirds nest in trees but like other cavity nesters they have lost their natural nest sites to aggressive House (English) Sparrows and European Starlings. Many have set up nest boxes to provide for them. The North American Bluebird Society has a lot of information about them and nest boxes. Just be aware that it requires a commitment because it is vital that the nest boxes are monitored to keep out predators and maintained.

Whether you set up a bluebird trail, one nest box or just watch them, Western Bluebirds are a delight.  If you live where they are found it can be a lot of fun to put up a nest box for them.

Do you have Western Bluebirds in your area?

Have you put up a nest box for them?

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