Watch a Nest to Help the Birds

Calling all bird lovers! Help out the birds (and science) by keeping track of nests in your area.


The Cornell Lab of Ornithology needs your help! They’re calling on all bird lovers to participate in NestWatch this spring. NestWatch is a citizen science program that helps scientists study and understand birds’ plight. Over the past 30 years, tree swallows, barn swallows violet-green swallows, purple martins and eastern Phoebes have dropped in number. They’re not sure why yet, but it could be because of declines in the insects they eat. While those birds need the most help, observations of any and all nesting birds are welcome. And participating in the program is free and easy. Just complete these four steps: 1. Become a certified NestWatch monitor using their online resources. 2. Find active nests to monitor. 3. Visit the nests you’ve found every 3 or 4 days and record what you see. 4. Report the data you’ve collected using their online entry tools. Get started now by visiting

Participate in NestWatch and you could observe American robin nests like this one. This awesome nest photo was submitted by a reader to our monthly photo challenge.

  1. Bonnie Rittenour says

    I had a pair of mourning doves nest in a hanging plant RIGHT outside my door
    before Easter, it was COLD (Ohio)and I got some great pics of the babies (2)
    and the adult also…..however, I have not figured out how to get them on the
    computer cuz I am old…(60) lol. I will try to learn how – they are GREAT pics.
    Unfortunately I do not think either survived. Squirrels or
    blue jays may have gotten them even tho I tried to watch over them with a broom
    inside my door.

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