Tree Swallows


Tree Swallows

Birds & Blooms Friday Fun Photo for September 23, 2011: Tree Swallows by Rose Kessinger. Give us your best caption! What could these tree swallows be discussing, or debating!

  1. Kelly mueller says

    Swallow “a”, “If I have told you once”. Swallow “b”, “But”. Swallow “a”, “to not fly by that nest”. Swallow “b”, “but……..”

  2. Carolyn Kocman says

    Would you please stop singing? I am trying to talk!!!
    You sing off key!

  3. Teal says

    These birds are really cool. I built a house last winter for Bluebirds but got these instead. They are fond of humans and are great at keeping the bugs down. They are characters too.. I saved an injured baby and it literally hopped into my hand and stayed there until I brought it to the wildlife vet. Its mother landed on my shoulder with a bug in its beak and tried to feed it while it was in my hand.. really cool.

  4. Donna Jones says

    “But dear…”
    “I don’t care what your excuse is for coming home late this time! I’m moving back home with my mother!”

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